Libra Full Moon, Blending Me & We

Libra Full Moon, Blending Me & We

Hello StarChild, how are you doing today?

It is such a pleasure to meet here, thank you for showing up.

Allow yourself a breath (or 3!), connecting to your Body + Heart, bringing you right back here to this space and time. Allow yourself to let go of any stress or tension living inside of you, and allow yourself to be taken on an astrological journey.

The Libra Full Moon is happening on Tuesday, April 7th, at 10:35 PM EDT. I’m going to be honest here - the weight around this Full Moon is heavy, although I expect digestion + integration to be easier. Do not fear though - we are already in the thick of the transits! What I foresee is instead of being confused, things will come into Light + Vision, so that we may understand them better, and are able to move forward.

A full moon occurs when the Moon is in opposition ((180° away)) to the Sun.
The full moon can be characterized by a culmination of sorts, a peak in energies or intensity, or a necessity to shed or release something in the way of completion. We can observe the way the tides pull towards the Moon during Her fullness, swelling and gaining strength. Since we are 80% water, our emotions follow suit. Our emotional awareness + perception ((signified by the Moon)) is then drawn to Her intensity, where She reflects back the light of our vitality + will ((the Sun)). On this Libra Full Moon, we can reflect back on the wishes/intentions put out during the Aries New Moon on March 24th, as we are now seeing how far we have come in the development of those intentions.

The Sun is exalted in Aries - which allows Him to express Himself without restriction. Here he likes to trailblaze into unknown territory with vigor + courage. Aries is the sign of the Pioneer + Brave, yet is also known for impulsive + impatient action. Since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, it can be described much like a toddler trying to run before it can walk, or the primal human in defense and protection mode. Being ruled by Mars, Aries enjoys competition, physical movement, new ideas, cutting to the chase, and independence. Aries is often considered to be selfish, yet much like the toddler or the primal human, this is simply because the Self, the Identity, is being developed and understood through every experience it partakes in. During Aries season, our focus is on developing our own identity, becoming a trailblazer, being our own Leader, and learning what it means to Self-Serve. Take a second to note where you have been becoming your own Authority, Master of your Destiny, Protector of your Domain.

The Moon is in peregrine in Libra - meaning She is neither weak nor especially powerful. Here, She advocates for justice + equanimity for all. Libra is the sign of the Fair + Just Lover. She is the we to Aries’ me. She is the stage of the Zodiac when partners pair up together, learning how to balance self-service with self-sacrifice. Being ruled by Venus, Libra enjoys harmony, wit, peaceful interactions, connecting to others, beauty, and negotiation. Libra is often known as the harmonious and peace-keeper, yet has a tendency to become codependent & lost in the worlds of other people. Just as Aries has a tendency to be Selfish, Libra has a tendency to be Self-less. With the Moon in Libra, our emotional awareness shifts from the Self, to the Other and we cultivate compassion + understanding for keeping the harmony in the world around us. Take a second now to note where you can use yourSelf in service to the world around you, how you may desire to keep the peace within yourSelf + Others, and how you may emotionally embody Love + Beauty. 

The Sun + Moon in opposition is a push/pull between Head/Heart, yet it is the ultimate chance to find balance. With the Aries/Libra axis, I find this to be balance between boundaries, blending the me + we in a way that prioritizes interdependence. How can you honor + serve your Identity, while also honoring + serving those around you? How do you find balance between total independence and codependence? How do you show up for yourself that you don’t for others? Vice versa? What would bring harmony to your Soul Mission? Do others need to be involved? What is in your way of creating peace between your emotional desire to connect and your will to pioneer independently? How can you make space for love + beauty in your pursuit of self-growth? 

While contemplating these questions, let’s discuss some of the more challenging aspects to this Full Moon. The Sun + Moon are applying a square to the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, while Mars squares Uranus. When the outer planets come out to play, this is a big, generational shift. When the Sun + Moon square them, the effects of these transits become extremely personal, and we become acutely aware of their impact to our mental + emotional selves. 

Jupiter + Pluto come together every 13 years. Their last conjunction happened in December 2007 in Sagittarius. When these two come together, this is multigenerational healing, meaning this is a milestone for cultural change. Now they meet together at 24° Capricorn, for the 1st of 3 transits we will experience with them. 

Jupiter is the King of Gods. He is opulence, abundance, optimism, benevolence, good luck, Higher Learning + Spirituality, justice, and laws. He naturally presides over Sagittarius, and co-rules Pisces with Neptune. Currently, He is debilitated in Capricorn. He’s having to trade luck for hard work and optimism for reality checks. He’s unable to find Himself enmeshed in many projects, instead He has to choose the ones that are most important to Himself, otherwise they won’t get the work they actually need.

Pluto is the God of the Underworld. He is death/rebirth, crisis for transformation, obsession/compulsion, buried riches, corruption/abuse, limitless power, depth, and shadow. He co-rules Scorpio with Mars and is a generational planet, meaning His orbits creates generations of people intended to do His work. He doesn’t mind being in Capricorn, however He finds himself doing deep shadow work on physical limitations, governing bodies, and pre-existing structures + traditions. The Declaration of Independence was signed when Pluto was at 27° Capricorn, thus the USA is having it’s Pluto return. Pluto is here to ask us - what did we really mean by “all men created equal?” How have you been upholding those values? Who IS running these systems? 

We are observing the degradation of the systems created for us by our ancestors. We are watching as the values + structures placed on us are stripped bare of their essence. We are watching as things get darker + deeper, knowing that we have no control, yet are fully immersed in relationship to these core values. Pluto doesn’t allow things to go unnoticed, He pulls everything up by the roots, and Jupiter assists! He expands Pluto’s reach, giving him the authority to dive into the ways He has restricted Himself + others. He asks Pluto to clean the Karma of Self-Reliance, giving Him the old paradigms that kept others suppressed or limited in their expansion. This transit does not allow us to go backwards. We will not be returning to the systems that are dying, instead, we are rebuilding. 

As the Sun + Moon squares this conjunction, we begin to understand how powerful this conjunction is being experienced in our own lives. We begin to realize how we may have participated in these systems or how they have imposed restrictions upon us. We are coming to understand that even though this is generational and we cannot stop it, we can dream the New Systems into existence. We can change our Minds + Hearts to adopt paradigms that nurture + care all people - no matter their status. We can choose to see beyond the physical limitations of life, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable + raw, facing the shadows in which kept us bound to these systems. We can take our sovereignty back with this Full Moon - all we need to do is shed + let go of the things that kept us bound to the external authorities.

Whatever we decide to release + adopt this Full Moon will be solidified by Saturn trine Venus and Mars square Uranus. As Venus as the ruler of the Moon, there will be a level of commitment that takes place to anything brought up within the emotional awareness. Venus is in it for the long haul, ready + willing to make the changes necessary. With Mars as the ruler of the Sun, there will be the desire to break free of the limitations imposed on the Self. Through balancing the Full Moon energies, we will be able to discover the ways in which we can transform ourselves from the inside out, for the Highest + Best as an individual and as a collective. We must be ready to shed in order to rebirth. 

I know that you have all the power you need to transform.

I know that you are strong + brave.

I hope you see this too.

The light in me honors the light in you


~ Iris Rose Moon

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