Spiritual Practice Gear

Because nothing is more important than a daily dose of self-compassion, gratitude and meditation!

Explore our selection of meditation tools to uplift and inspire you daily. 

Merino Wool Yoga & Meditation mats, meditation cards, aura mists, essential oils and more!

Spiritual Practice Gear
112 results
Merino Wool Yoga & Meditation Mat - Sage Moon
Kundalini Blessings: Meditations for the Aquarian Age Oracle Card Deck - Sage Moon
Soul Reflection Oracle Card Deck - Sage Moon
Himalayan Spice Organic Chai 1lb - Sage Moon
Full Moon Blend - Sage Moon
Waning Moon Blend - Sage Moon
Waxing Moon Blend - Sage Moon
Sun & Moon Essential Oil Blends Set - Sage Moon
The Stressless Brain - Sage Moon
The Stressless Brain
From $19.99
Lemurian Codes Activation Cards - Sage Moon
Trauma to Dharma by Azita Nahai - Sage Moon
The Real Deal Chakra Healing Set - Sage Moon
Mindful Meditation Cards - Sage Moon
Sat Narayan Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Meditation Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Framed Travel Altar Piece - Sage Moon
Meditation Sensory Therapy Roller - Sage Moon
Healing Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Positive Energies Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Truth Essential Oil Blend (Sat Nam) - Sage Moon
Abundance Essential Oil Blend (HAR) - Sage Moon
Creation Essential Oil Blend (Ek Ong Kar) - Sage Moon
Ecstasy Essential Oil Blend (Wahe Guru!) - Sage Moon
Still Point Essential Oil Blend (Shunia) - Sage Moon
Vata Pacifying Blend (Restorative) - Sage Moon
Pitta Pacifying Blend (Soothing) - Sage Moon
Kapha Pacifying Blend (Stimulating) - Sage Moon
Tri-Doshic Blend (Clears the Channels) - Sage Moon
Ayurvedic Blends Travel Set - Sage Moon
Be Calm Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Energy Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Gratitude Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Clairvoyant Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Northern Lights Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
New Moon Blend - Sage Moon
Set of 4 Moon Blends - Sage Moon
112 results
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