Alternative Rosaries

Inspired by The Way of the Rose, The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn, we are so happy to offer you beautiful rosaries honoring the goddess and the earth.

This ancient practice is very simple but deeply radical. Hold these powerful beads, in your hand, and reconnect with the Divine Feminine.

"The Rosary makes us wise, because the rosary makes us patient. The seed of wisdom is sown within us from the first moment we take up the beads. It may take a while before we can feel it stirring. In the meantime, we learn to trust that it is so."
From The Way of the Rose.
Alternative Rosaries
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Black Venus Goddess Rosary - Sage Moon
Mother Goddess Rosary - Sage Moon
Triangle Goddess Rosary - Sage Moon
Small Crescent Goddess Rosary - Sage Moon
Crescent Mother Rosary - Sage Moon
Black Rose Rainbow Rosary - Sage Moon
Black Rose Rosary - Sage Moon
Ash Venus and Rose Rosary - Sage Moon
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