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I AM Brave Mala Malas- Sage Moon
I AM Brave Mala
I AM Protected Mala Malas- Sage Moon
I AM Love Mala Malas- Sage Moon
I AM Love Mala
I AM Calm Ocean Jasper Mala Malas- Sage Moon
I honor my voice Throat Chakra Mala Malas- Sage Moon
vermeil adi shakti pendant necklace with white saphirre and moonstone chain
Peace and Flow Adjustable Mala Malas- Sage Moon
Wahe Guru Necklace Jewelry- Sage Moon
Rose Quartz & Agate Self-Love Mala Jewelry- Sage Moon
Third Eye Center Mala
Moonstone Crown Chakra Mala Jewelry- Sage Moon
Coral and Black Onyx Protection Mala
Grounding Mala
Throat Chakra Mala
Sacral Chakra Mala
Creative Mind Mala
Amazonite and Sunstone Heart Chakra Mala
Crown Chakra Mala
Goddess Mala Jewelry- Sage Moon
Goddess Mala
The Healer's Mala
Rose Quartz Mala. Main Image
aquamarine and citrine mala
Courage Mala
Fire Opal Mala--Live by your own rules! Jewelry- Sage Moon
Evolution Mala close up
Evolution Mala
Vitality and Fertility Mala
amethyst mala on a rock
Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Tantric Necklace
Navratna Nine Gems Tantric Necklace Jewelry- Sage Moon
Lapis, Moonstone and Quartz Tantric Necklace
 Tourmaline and Pearl Tantric Necklace
pearl and aquamarine tantric necklace close up
Amethyst and Turquoise Tantric Necklace Jewelry- Sage Moon
close up of quartz and grey pearl tantric necklace
Navratna Tantric Necklace with Pearl Jewelry- Sage Moon
close up shot of necklace
Carnelian and Pearl Tantric. Close Up
52 results
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