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Sage Moon stands for joyful, inspired and authentic living, embracing our nature as light beings with the potential to uplift our world and dream a world into being that is respectful of the feminine, of mother earth, of the beauty and sacredness of all life.

Our mission is to offer services and tools that will never let you forget who you are. Clothing that empowers and inspires you, that makes you feel beautiful and powerful. Teachings that remind you that you are your own powerful healer and that through deep respect for your self, you will access the wellspring of joy within. 

We believe that when you feel uplifted and strong, you will radiate that light outwards and uplift all those around you. We are a small company and want to make a difference. We source from women who are passionate about their craft and our planet and create products as unique as you are! 
Meet our designers here. 

Growing up in Paris, I was exposed to art and beauty and carried this passion into my studies of Art History and my work at Sotheby's. I realized over the years that my calling was to be of service through being a mirror to the sublime beauty within each one of us. Today, in my healing work, I hold space for clients to be seen and to be heard so that they might enter into the space where sacred alchemy takes place. In the sacred alchemy of our hearts-- by diving into emotions and into the pain and dark places--knowing and bliss emerges.

Our logo represents the four directions, and the role of human beings as a bridge between matter and spirit, both becoming fused by our existence. In the Celtic world, it represented the wheel of being, the "Sa Ta Na Ma" in Kundalini, the cycle of creation, life, death and rebirth. It also stands for harmony, beauty, grace and wholeness and the experience of oneness we strive for when we dive deep into our essence. 

I am honored to serve the beauty within you and all around us. 

With Love,

Nina Mongendre

Nina offers inherited family trauma healing and NeuroEmotional Coaching, helping you release what isn't yours and reclaim what is, rewiring your brain for resiliency and joy along the way.

Find out more about 1-1 sessions here and schedule a free intro call.
Podcasts with Nina and free guided meditations
Numerology Reading with Mikhail

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner through the Four Winds.
Certified NeuroEmotional Coach with the Center for Emotional Education.
Trained in Family Constellations and healing inherited family trauma. 
Wild Woman Circle Leader (join our next circle here).
She has been teaching kundalini yoga and meditation since 2007 and has studied with various teachers around the world.
She has a B.A from Brown University where she studied Art History. 


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