Headwraps are used across the globe for keeping your psychic energy yours.
The slight pressure on points around your head help stay centered and focused.

This is an energy tool for you. Explore our selection of headbands, turbans and head covers. Perfect for Kundalini Yoga and Meditation or every day wear!

photo by Joanna Malecka

turban sage moon
34 results
Gauze Cotton Turban/Scarf - Sage Moon
Gauze Cotton Headscarf (11 colors) - Sage Moon
Organic Gauze Cotton Wrap - Sage Moon
Turban Scarf (Crochet and Solid colors) - Sage Moon
Classic Turban - Sage Moon
Turban Scarf - Sage Moon
Turban Scarf
Unisex Turban - Sage Moon
Unisex Turban
From $35.00
Sparkly Turban-Gold! - Sage Moon
Stretch Turban - Sage Moon
Stretch Turban - Sage Moon
Sparkly Turban-Silver! - Sage Moon
Hand Dyed Bamboo + Soy Turban - Sage Moon
Kundalini Headband - Sage Moon
Gauze Cotton Face Mask - Sage Moon
Gauze Cotton Belt/ Belly Wrap - Sage Moon
The Rhea Gauze Cotton Scarf - Sage Moon
Merino Wool Scarf - Sage Moon
Alpaca Socks - Sage Moon
Alpaca Socks
Devon Turkish Cotton Towel - Sage Moon
Sold Out
Atlas Turkish Cotton scarf/towel - Sage Moon
Legends Hood - Sage Moon
Legends Hood
Hero Hood - Sage Moon
Hero Hood
Cozy Cabin Knitted Cap - Sage Moon
Fold Over Fleece Lined Mittens - Sage Moon
Wool Hand Warmers - Sage Moon
Reverse Step Hand Warmers - Sage Moon
Braid Knit Boot Cuffs - Sage Moon
Woodland Gloves - Sage Moon
Handwoven Q'ero Chumpi Belt - Sage Moon
Fluffy Gauze Scarf - Sage Moon
Beau Jardin Kundalini Stretch Headband - Sage Moon
Belle Fleur Kundalini Stretch Headband - Sage Moon
Sahasrara Kundalini Stretch Headband - Sage Moon
Radiant Sadhana Set : La Playa Dress with Belt & Headwrap - Sage Moon
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