Shamanic Tools

Whether you are a seasoned shamanic practitioner or just curious and want to learn more, you will find some inspiring and powerful tools for your journey here!

Clear your space with sage and Peruvian incense, wrap your waist with handwoven protective chumpi belts, consult the Andean oracle cards and connect with Pachamama by wearing natural fibers and flowy garments. 

Shamanic Tools
47 results
Andean Healing Energy Cards - Sage Moon
White Sage Smudge Stick - Sage Moon
Amazon Gold: Peruvian Resin Incense - Sage Moon
White Sage & Rose Petal Smudge Stick - Sage Moon
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Palo Santo Incense Sticks - Sage Moon
Sold Out
Handwoven Q'ero Chumpi Belt - Sage Moon
Handwoven Mestana Cloth - Sage Moon
Handwoven Ceremonial Cloth (Soco) - Sage Moon
Blue Sage Smokeless Smudge - Sage Moon
Palo Santo Smokeless Smudge - Sage Moon
Space Clearing Kit - Sage Moon
Crystal Visions Bath & Body Oil - Sage Moon
Alpaca Triangle Poncho - Sage Moon
Merino Wool Yoga & Meditation Mat - Sage Moon
The Real Deal Chakra Healing Set - Sage Moon
EMF & 5G Protection Halo Pendant - Sage Moon
The Healer's Mala - Sage Moon
Black Onyx and Labradorite Mala - Sage Moon
Sophia Skirt (available in 9 colors!) - Sage Moon
Flutter Skirt - Sage Moon
Flutter Skirt
Soft Gauze Tee Dress (Black) - Sage Moon
Tiered Maxi Skirt with pockets (available in 14 Colors!) - Sage Moon
Gauze Cotton Belt/ Belly Wrap - Sage Moon
Pavan Wrap Scarf - Sage Moon
Poncho Style Sleeved Top - Sage Moon
Cotton Knit Poncho - Sage Moon
Artisan Palo Santo and California White Sage Incense Sticks - Sage Moon
Palo Santo Cones & Pieces - 20 Cones - Sage Moon
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EMF & 5G Protection Red Jasper and Orgone Pendant - Sage Moon
EMF & 5G Protection Malachite and Orgone Power Pendant - Sage Moon
EMF & 5G Protection Orgone Quartz Crystal Crescent Moon Pendant - Sage Moon
EMF & 5G protection Crescent Blood Moon Garnet Pendant - Sage Moon
EMF & 5G Protection Orgone Fiery Pendant - Sage Moon
EMF & 5G Protection Shungite and Orgone Pendant - Sage Moon
Watana Ties with Beaded Trim - Sage Moon
Four Directions Rattle - Sage Moon
47 results
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