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tantric necklace with Alice dress

The Tantric Necklace Whisperer

There’s something so magical and mysterious about the Tantric Necklace.

I had said I would never try to describe it, but yet here I am. There is a unique story that goes along with each and every necklace that finds its owner from our booth, here are a couple that stand out to me.

Before we get into that let’s back up a bit and talk about our designer Sat Bachan. 

She is first and foremost the creator of the original Tantric Necklace, and also one of the most delightful women you will ever meet. She is a devotee of the Sikh faith and an accomplished practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. She and her husband, Hari Jiwan live in Española, New Mexico, not far from our beloved Ram Das Puri, where we gather every summer solstice to celebrate in community and deep practice. 

Sat Bachan fondly recalls the day the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) taught her how to craft this brilliantly intricate design. He told her of the power and blessings Tantric Necklaces carried and how they were worn by Meditation Masters for millennia. His gift of the Tantric Necklace was one she would not take lightly. In his grace, he proceeded to tell her that every necklace she created would be blessed by him and that this was her destiny. Needless to say not all Tantric necklaces are created equal. Although this design holds power in itself, there’s something extra special about the added benefit of Yogi Bhajan’s personally blessed Tantric Necklaces. 

You can read more about the fascinating story of how the design was rediscovered here.

Back to the story. A funny phenomenon has started to happen now that I share these necklaces for Sat Bachan. I’ve been dubbed the Tantric Necklace whisperer. As amusing as I find this title, I suppose it is fitting.

As a potential owner walks into our booth the necklace with the most potent energy for the person will jump at me. Sometimes this energy is so strong that if the person doesn't take the necklace home with them, I get hit with a voltage of energy that is not exactly comfortable. I’ve always been sensitive to stones and energy, but I hadn't realized how much until this started to happen.

Two years ago, at Summer Solstice, I started helping out with the Sagemoon booth. It’s no coincidence that one of the first items I sold was a Tantric Necklace. I had personally experienced purchasing one of Sat Bachan‘s necklaces at a previous 3HO Solstice event. I happened to know the woman representing Sat Bachan that year and she was kind enough to allow me to wear the necklace during our White Tantric Yoga Course without requiring me to actually purchase it. 

Knowing how expensive these elegant necklaces were, and being completely out of my price range, as well as out of my comfort zone, I thought there was no way I was going home with this necklace. After three days of Tantric Yoga, the added energy I experienced, and the deep reluctance I felt when taking the necklace off resulted in me going home with my black and white pearl Tantric Necklace. It was worth every penny. Since my own transformative experience I have been a believer.

Sat Nam Fest East was our second festival and my first time running solo. I actually was somewhat reluctant to bring the Tantric Necklaces when creating our inventory list. The thought crossed my mind that it was the wrong crowd for this item as there wasn't any white tantric meditation during the event. I was so very wrong. 

The necklaces don’t discriminate against how long you have been practicing or if you know what White Tantric Yoga is. There were several new practitioners who sensed the power of the Tantric Necklace. 

One of my fondest moments was finding a necklace for a slightly older woman who walked into the booth. She was immediately drawn to the display of necklaces in the back corner. She asked about them, and I gave her the history and told her why I personally love them. She asked how she should pick one and I said one that calls to you; put aside your typical taste and choose. She hesitated, then asked if I could feel which one was right. I scanned the vast amount of options and there was one that had a palpable energy in comparison to the others. I careful retrieved it for her and when she put it on the energy was so overwhelming she instantly had a release of tears. I remember the shivers up and down my spine and the hair standing up on my arms. That was the moment I figured out how I could identify the right necklace for the person in front of me. The hairs still stand up on my arms and the chills are undeniable. 

There have been so many magical moments that I couldn’t possibly relay them all here but there is one more I want to share with you from this past Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration. 

A young gentleman came in looking for a necklace. He didn’t speak to me at first and proceeded to try on several necklaces seemingly getting discouraged with each one. I watched kind of giggling to myself as he avoided the one that was calling his name. He eventually turned to me and said "I guess today isn’t the day". As he began to leave the booth I pointed to the one that was making itself known to me and said "why don’t you try this one?". He paused, looking quite perplexed and asked, “Really?” He had a moment of hesitation because it wasn’t in line with his aesthetic taste. 

This I find quite typical in the Tantric Necklace game. People always go for the ones that they like the look of, not the ones that will elevate them the most.
When he put it on we both instantly felt a wave of heat. A heat wave rush like I had never felt before. He stood there for a while completely overwhelmed by the sensations and seeming somewhat baffled. He didn’t know what to make of what just happened so he decided to put the necklace down and said he needed to think about it. 

As he left the booth, I smiled and said it would be here for him. Once he left the heat didn’t go away! It was so overwhelming for me that I had to take my sweatshirt off. I walked around talking to all my neighboring vendors questioning the weather. 

"Did it all of a sudden get hot?" It had been cold most of the day. They all looked at me oddly and confirmed it was still cold and that I was likely crazy. He came back less than 10 minutes later for his necklace, much to my delight because I was still sweating. It turns out, the sensation had not gone away for him either and it was almost as if it was calling him back.

As soon as he put the necklace back on, and stated that it was in fact going to be his, I was relieved to get my typical wave of chills and have my body temperature re-regulate. For him the intensity stayed strong which I find very normal for a new Tantric necklace experience.

These are just a snap shot of many memorable moments in time. It is my honor and pleasure to be able to share these precious Yogic tools with our community. I am blessed to be the Tantric Necklace Whisperer. 
Curious? Find me at your local Kundalini Yoga Festival 😉 or perhaps a KYTT near you!

Our next scheduled festival is Sat Nam Fest West - Come join us!! 

Browse our Tantric Necklace selection here

To stay up to date with everywhere we will be follow us on Facebook or Instagram @sagemoonliving

--Jenn Mercier aka Ong Kar Dev


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January 10th 2020 Full Moon Eclipse. Listen.

January 10th 2020 Full Moon Eclipse. Listen.

This extremely dynamic eclipse activates the six planets in Capricorn by opposition. The pull-down on the existing structures will be very strong and it will rock the ship we're on, high winds of change are here.

There is one beautiful and very discrete presence, a feminine presence that will stand right by Saturne to face the Full Moon at 20˚ Cancer.

Meet Chariklo, a small asteroid with beautiful rings. She is the one who has the antidote. It is said that Chiron, the wounded healer had to find an antidote to his own poisoned arrows before he could send healing ones. Chariklo is Chiron's wife. Meaning the meeting of the sickness and the healing. This feminine power heals by her presence alone. She is grace and elegance. She will stand along with Saturne through the conjunction with Pluto and the passage into Aquarius, the future.

She observes with the knowledge that all heals and she stands firm, not disturbed nor surprised by the suffering as the wound opens.

Do not be surprised, We have known that leaders will fall, and we know that all that needs to go will fall with them. No alarms, no surprises. We now have the knowledge to sail through a Universe way bigger than any ocean and it is inside each one of us.

Take good care, rest, appreciate who you are and reach out to your full potential for peace ...

Silence..... be the antidote.

By Shant Joti, astrologer, kundalini yoga teacher and wise woman.

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Imperfectly perfect

Imperfectly perfect

I was fuming. I felt embarrassed for staying so long and failing to "drop her off". I felt angry because I had plans but the most uncomfortable feeling was the pit in my stomach. I felt self-judgment. Was I being a good mother in this moment? Or was I creating a pattern that would cost me. Was this the right thing to do? 
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