Inner Child & Beyond Oracle Deck

This deck offers deeply inspiring art and practical ways to heal your relationship with your parents and your inner child. When you change the story of your childhood, your life changes.

When we support and embrace our inner child, we can step into our adult lives with sovereignty. We change ourselves and every interaction we have. Our inner child is an incredible resource for each one of us. Until we reclaim our inner child, we project our wounds onto our partners and the world.

Informed by Family Constellations, Inherited Trauma Healing and emotional processing, each card in this deck offers a theme with an invitation, a check in with the inner child and a journey.

Paulo Coelho says "Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child nothing is impossible." When we reconnect to the dreams of our inner child, we gain access to our own sacred dreams. 

Created by our founder, Nina Mongendre in collaboration with EdieArt. 

44 cards, 165 page guidebook

"I am truly blown away by this oracle deck. The images are delightful and moving, the words and suggested practices are DEEP. This deck is a meditation practice in itself!"

"This is an extraordinary find. The themes of inner child work are meticulously chosen and explained. Every card I have picked so far has proved illuminating. The writing is great - wise but also accessible and compassionate. The artwork is gorgeous and the whole thing together really is a thing of beauty. So happy to have this, can't recommend it enough."


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