Coral Sat Nam Necklace

Adorn yourself with Coral Mala variation of our Sat Nam bar necklace. 108 Hand Knotted Coral Beads with Gold Vermeil Sri Yantra Bead and an 1 1/2" Sat Nam Bar  

Coral is used for protection from evil, it increases imagination and helps resolve conflicts. 

Sat: Truth - Nam: Identity "Truth is your identity" Sat Nam is the seed (Biji) Mantra. It reinforces the divine consciousness in everyone. Use it as a greeting, anytime and any place.

The Sri Yantra has been known since the Vedic times as the most powerful, mystical, and beautiful of all yantras ( a yantra is a geometric mandala, a power diagram). It represents the timeless principle of the universe, the union of feminine and masculine and is used as an object of meditation. Sri Yantra is also known as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Gift your goddess within with this power piece or gift it to that special goddess in your life! 

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