The Real Deal Chakra Healing Set

Hand-selected by master crystal expert Kirby Seid, these stones are not your regular chakra healing set. Kirby sources crystals for shamanic practitioners and students at the Four Winds, founded by Alberto Villoldo. 

These chakra stones are beautiful, large and rest on the body without sliding off. Use them for healing work on yourself and others or to create crystal grids and mandalas. I use them while doing remote energy healing sessions as placeholders for the chakras and in person, laying them on the body.

In Energy Medicine, Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are centered at different points on the spinal column. All the chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for distributing life energy, which is also known as Qi or Praana. Use these stones to help focus, charge and tune energetically the different areas and functions of your health; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Place on or near the body. Meditate and contemplate with them. Allow yourself to tune into them as your connection with the earth’s life giving radiance. Everything we need to be happy and healthy is given by our earth. Open your mind to receive and be creative with them. Enjoy.

1stChakra - Red Jasper

Root or Base area of the body – Red.

Action-Life Force Energy- Earth Connection – Health – Stamina – Endurance – Grounding- Protection – Courage – Happiness.

 2ndChakra - Orange Calcite

Sacral area of the body – Orange.

Creativity – Sensuality – Joy – Alignment of life’s purpose.

Remove depression – Helps with Fatigue.

3rdChakra – Gold Tiger Eye

Solar Plexus/Navel  – Yellow/Gold.

Power/Empowerment – Protection – anxiety release – Taking a Stand/Stability – Mental Clarity – Focus – dispelling fear. – Right Relationship Between our Inner and Outer Worlds – Self Confidence – Self Reliance – Patience – Perseverance -  Self Esteem.

4thChakra - Green Aventurine

Heart – Green.

Heart – Loving - Healing – compassion – Abundance – Balance – Resolution – Neutralization of extremes – New Life/Possibilities – Luck – Prosperity – Calmness – Centeredness – Imagination – Self Worth – Unconditional Love.

5thChakra - Blue Sodalite

Throat – Blue.

Communication - Self Expression. Truth to Thought - Resolution through Vision and Communication – Self Acceptance – Self esteem. Removing doubt – Leaning on Trust and Inner peace. Negotiation of conflicting points of view  - Positive useful interpretations. Flow of Thoughts and Emotions .

6thChakra - Dark Blue Hawks Eye

Third Eye – Indigo.

Hawks eye – Focus, Insight – Telepathy – Knowing – Confidence – Big Picture – Sense of Discovery – Confidence – Intuition- Clear Audient- Clairvoyant – Clear Sentient – sharpen extra sensory perception. Awaken Third Eye Telepathic abilities.

7thChakra - Amethyst

Crown of the Head – Violet.

Connection to Spiritual Meaning– Bigger Picture Purpose – Service with Clarity – Seeing the edge of Perception – Knowing – Receiving – Higher Protection – Higher Purpose - Life Theme Focuses . Spiritual Cleansing – letting go of karmic knots – Connection with all – Divinity and Sense of Oneness. Subconscious Information and Memories – Divine Rest and sleep – Changing Reality.

8thChakra - White Quartz Agate

Above the Head – White/Pearlescent.

Higher Self and Governing facilities within oneself. Facilitates Inner Knowing and Wisdom Consciously. Supreme Being energy wisdom of the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. Connection with the Ancient Elders, Healers and Teachers of our collective humanity. Future Visioning of Highest Possibilities . Co-Creating and Protection given by our Unseen Counselors and Spirit Guides.

Sense of Soul.



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