One Step at a time

One Step at a time

Just as little ones learn to walk, may we stumble and fall and tumble and sway with innocence and humor. It is part of the journey.

We offer up our prayers today that you are healthy.
Remember that we are all doing the best we can.
Each moment, each day, the best we can is really all we can do.

Let us remove pressure, even the pressure to meditate.
As Zen teacher Cheri Huber teaches: 
"Don't meditate if you are going to make that one more way to beat yourself up!"

She urges us to first address the voices of self-hate, judgment and criticism so that we don't make our spiritual practice another way we compare ourselves to others, another reason we are not good enough.
It is far more beneficial to sit down to meditate from a place of compassion and self-love.

I invite you to notice where you stand in your relationship to your body and yourself.
Does it bring you joy to adorn your body? Do you look upon it kindly?
What words do you say to yourself when you think of your body?

Can you look upon your body and say: "I am healthy, I am strong, I am vibrant, I am loved".

If this practice is hard for you, I invite you to be curious and explore your relationship with your body. 
The way we relate to our body and to others originates in our relationship to our mother. When we experience an early break in the bond with our mother (even if it was short), we can freeze and hold back in our movement towards our body and our relationships. We fear experiencing the pain of abandonment again and prefer to protect ourselves by holding back. We hold back in the illusion that we will be safer, that our hearts will not be broken again.  

Holding back and not living fully gives us an illusory sense of safety but the cost is loneliness.
To help you identify if there was a break in the early bond or a part of your relationship with your mother that is seeking healing, I recorded a short guided meditation for healing your relationship with your mother. It is inspired by Bert Hellinger's wonderful book "Laws of Healing". Allow the full moon energies help you shed the past and dive in deep to transform wounds into medicine. 

Our bodies are living, breathing miracles, they are our vehicle for this life. 
Take some time tonight before you fall asleep to send an inner smile to each organ in your body, thanking your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your brain...
Tune into the deep wisdom and peace that is within you, literally in every cell of your being. 

Be well dear ones.


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