June 5th 2020, the Great Attractor

June 5th 2020, the Great Attractor

We are coming back from a spiritual near-death experience. We are touching base with new ways of perceiving and new belief systems.

"The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space and the apparent central gravitational point of the Laniakea Supercluster. The observed anomalies suggest a localized concentration of mass thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way." Wikipedia

The Full Moon eclipse on June 5th will be at 15*34 Saggitarius at 12:12 PT.
It will be 1* apart from the Great Attractor. The Earth axis now points towards the great attractor.

The next eclipse will be a solar one, on June 20th, the day of Summer Solstice.
If you look at where these degrees fall in your chart you will know where the pull is, the power will be activated for you. 

The power to control the masses and bring back old and outdated ways is being used by leaders at times like these. The progress made will seem to have been for nothing... but make no mistakes, Venus retrograde will not allow this to continue. We are realigning. Reassessing.

It is time to re-evaluate the art of evolution and our own evolution.

Venus in Gemini will show us both sides of the coin with regards to our communication: healing or poisoning words that generate hate or love, fear or faith.

Communication easily becomes a weapon to separate, isolate and discriminate, this is a crumbling castle. Do not get caught up in the ruins.

Words that heal and comfort are the way to bring in the new better days. Creating and infusing love into what we say and do, breathing in your blessings with gratitude. 

The Great Attractor, some say, is the center of the Universe, some say it is the Black Hole. It is so powerful that it bends light. It attracts and orchestrates all cosmic bodies. Earth is moving towards it at 2.2 million km per hour.

This eclipse is the kick-off for the events that will change our lives in the next 18 months.

Do not engage with anger or fear. Instead, listen to their messages. Allow their energy in motion to pass through you, Notice what you are feeling and name the feeling and then connect back to yourself. "This too shall pass".

This is the time to dive into your daily practice and choose what you stand for.

If you need to know where these powerful degrees are at work in your chart drop me a line.

Love always

Shant Joti


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