Astral Check In

Astral Check In

Hello, Star Child,

It is a pleasure to meet you here today. How are you feeling? Do you need a minute to settle in? Take a breath - allow yourself some space to come back into your body - use your breath to connect. Do you feel your Heart beating? Do you feel the rise and fall of your chest? Good - continue breathing - and remember that you can come back to your Breath anytime you wish.

    Today I am going to take you on a journey through the Cosmos. I am your storyteller + guide through these interesting times. I know that many of us are feeling triggered, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, and even possibly doomed. Today I hope to shed some Light, give you some insight on the Cosmology of our Current State. I am here to give you some Astro Wisdom, in hopes that you will discover things that make sense + spark intrigue in you. Let’s get started, shall we?

    First and foremost, let’s talk about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction we had on January 12, 2020:

  • Saturn is the Lord of Karma - He is the one who sets the boundaries, structures our existence, limits our expression, and places values to traditions + rules. He natural presides over Capricorn + Aquarius 

  • Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld - He is responsible for death + rebirth, creating crisis for transformation, and destroying things that are in the way of our evolution. His happy place is in Scorpio

  • Saturn + Pluto meet every 36 years, thus causing death to old structures & systems in whatever planetary archetypes they meet in:

    • Saturn + Pluto met at 0° Cancer in July 1914, just weeks before WWI broke out.

    • Saturn + Pluto met at 13° Leo in August 1946, two months before the Cold War began.

    • Saturn + Pluto met at 27° Libra in November 1982, briefly before the worldwide economic recession ended.

  • The last time Saturn + Pluto met in Capricorn was in 1518, when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses exposing and attacking church corruption in Germany and King Henry VIII left Rome, thus restructuring Europe. 

  • The last time Saturn + Pluto + Jupiter met in Capricorn was in 1284 - when the Silk Road was being utilized for trade + expansion, cities such as Paris + London were being unified, and the development of banking and coinage were beginning.

    All astrologers held their breath on the weekend of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, as the weekend was jam-packed with other juicy astrology movement. We had a lunar eclipse, which is thought to be unlucky or heavy karma by the Indegenous, and we had Uranus, the Great Liberator, stationed direct in Taurus. Whatever Saturn/Pluto had decided to do together on that fateful day, we knew that we were about to feel it directly as individuals and as a collective, and we knew that this was the beginning of the end of many of our structures + systems placed on us back through the times they met in Capricorn. 

    The way I see it, is that we will be tackling the industrialization of society in 1284. At the time, we had the Lunar Nodes of Fate + Destiny in the Capricorn/Cancer axis, as we do now, however the North Node was in Capricorn, indicating that we industrialize, structure, and regulate our physical reality. Right now, we have the South Node in Capricorn, indicating that we are facing the karmic blow out of the industrialized society we have created, facing the consequences of creating a world that focused too much on the capitalization of natural resources + human labor, and examining the ways in which the bourgeois hold power in an ungodly way. This is what I consider the patriarchy, or the imbalanced masculine. With the North Node in Cancer, our collective focus is now on nurturing ourselves + others, creating community through radical softness + love, adopting + implementing the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Our focus is to understand how the systems created for us did not allow room for us to express our true, infinite, loving nature. 

    The Saturn/Pluto conjunction brought one major thing to the surface - coronavirus. By February 4, two dozen countries reported having 195 cases, merely weeks after Saturn/Pluto came together. You see, when these two come together, one of two things can happen - either Saturn can restrict Pluto’s need for death + rebirth, or Pluto can destroy Saturn’s structures + systems. On a personal level, we have the freewill to choose how it may play out, but as a collective, we are the observers. 

    From my observational eye, we are all observing the reality of the government + institutions that were placed on us by our forefathers. We didn’t make the rules in this life, someone else did; we are simply participants. We are watching as our elected officials fight + bicker over what to do next, how much money to give to who, and how we may help the doctors + nurses who are running out of equipment. We are starting to understand the efficacy of the system. We are starting to see just how much time we missed by commuting, working long hours, and giving into bosses who might not be there for us at this time. We are starting to understand how many hours truly lie in a day and how it feels to be with yourself, without the need to leave for anything other than the essentials. We are starting to realize our reliance on convenience items like farm stands, toilet paper, maybe even take out. The structures (Capricorn) we had created for us are being shaken up (Pluto) and will potentially never be the same. 

    On March 22nd, Saturn moved into Aquarius, where He is giving us a taste of what 2021 will bring. Saturn co-rules Aquarius with Uranus, so we can come to understand Aquarius as the revolutionary. Aquarius still likes to have things logistically in order, but will often find itself being the “outcast,” simply because it likes to be different from others, to teach humanitarianism through individualism. Aquarius is the The Water Bearer, but don’t let that fool you, Aquarius is fixed air. The Water it bears is information, wisdom to enlighten + awaken others, ideologies on how we can create a more fair system. Aquarius likes to innovate, advance technologically, and believes in Higher Wisdom. Observe the movements that are coming together in order to unify the consciousnesses through technology + meditation. This is our work now.

    Mars, our Lord of War + Passion/Aggression + Drive, moved into Aquarius on the evening of March 30th. Here, he is in pedigree, or a neutral position. Over the next 40 days, we might find ourselves being driven to connect + advance with those around us. While we have limitations on how we can see people, we can come to understand that we are always connected through our own Spirit, meaning we can feel the rise + fall of our Brothers + Sisters in our consciousnesses, and we can find ways to connect to each other through technology or other means. 

    Saturn/Mars conjoined on March 30th, thus starting a new 2 year period. Mars brought the flame to Saturn, who’s work right now is to figure out how He can recreate the structures + systems that will best support + uplift our ascending society. As humans, our consciousnesses are rising, meaning we are starting to understand that there is more to the world than the physical limitations imposed on our reality starting in 1284. Saturn is here gaining ideas and wisdom, so when he regresses into Capricorn in May, He will be ready to finish exposing flaws in the system. Through his exposee, we can finally finish up addressing the ways the broken system has marked our own consciousness. Saturn is voicing all His opinions to Mars now, giving Him the wisdom He needs in order to move forward into His fight. 

    As individuals in a collective, I see the Mars/Saturn conjunction as the beginning of the end of silent acceptance. This is the beginning of the shift into a New Earth, a new reality for all of us. Now that all of us on the globe have experienced collective trauma, we will no longer allow external authority figures to impose regulations + systems that make no sense or suppress our infinite nature. Instead, we are ready to start calling our power back in. We are ready to stand up. We are ready + willing to fight for a better world for all of us, because so many of us now know what it is like to be in the dark. 

    This is a social revolution. This is a political revolution. This is a financial revolution. We are being aligned with our HEARTS, our HIGHEST SELVES, our BROTHERS + SISTERS, in order to shift humanity in a way that will allow compassion, nurturing, and evolution for each and every one of us. Follow your spark. Revolutionize yourself from the inside out. Remember to be gentle as the old paradigms begin to crumble, the magnitude of this shift is not to be downplayed. Remember that what lies on the other side is even better than what we are leaving now. You are infinite + divine. The time to be liberated is now. 

The light in me honors the light in you.


~ Iris Moon 

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