Work with the Moon

Work with the Moon

Many of us are sensitive to the profound effects that the Moon can have upon our physical and emotional states. 

We can work with essential oils to maximize the positive effects of each phase of the moon. I want to share these with you today. These synergistic essential oil blends can be used to anoint, be directly inhaled from the palms, added to baths (when emulsified in salts, honey or milk), or rubbed into the soles of feet. (For external use only).

As I am writing this, the full Moon is upon us. A time to release and let go of anything or anyone that no longer serves you and commit to action. The full Moon blend is called Completion. The oils in the blend can help to release grief and fear so we can feel courageous and energized.

Once the Moon has reached its full phase, it begins to wane.

The waning Moon blend is called Reflection. This is a time for preparing to make changes. Identify blockages and make emotional and mental adjustments by going within. The oils in this blend center, focus and uplift.

The new Moon follows. This blend is called Transition. This is a time of self-care, of recharging our batteries so that we can bring out creative energy, optimism and new ideas. Begin again. The oils in this blend are cleansing, grounding and promote emotional vitality, helping us prepare for the new by releasing the old.

The Moon then appears to grow, the waxing Moon is a time of Becoming. We make things happen by embracing change, drawing in power, abundance and opportunity. The oils in this blend help us with self confidence, positive attitudes and concentration, and to attract protective and supportive energies.

I am delighted to offer these blends to enhance your meditation and yoga practices, as well as easing the stresses of daily life.

Explore all of my blends here. The Moon blends are also available as a set of 4

-By Donna Shepper from LIGHT EOB. 

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