The Tantric Necklace, A Power Tool for a Radiant Life.

The Tantric Necklace, A Power Tool for a Radiant Life.

A Tantric Necklace is a powerful tool for transformation. 

Gems work on the subtle plane of existence. Ordinarily, this view is out of the reach of normal awareness. But, it’s at this level where life is lived in the fourth dimension. This subtle level is where dreams are realized, where perspective is different, where true happiness becomes real.

The Tantric Necklace works in this fourth dimension, in this subtle realm, it is designed in a unique geometrical pattern which has been worn by Tantric Masters for millennia. The design was conceived by these Masters in deep meditation to reflect a unique way of allowing the wearer to accept more rewards than he/she was capable handling of in the past. By opening these limiting blocks, the wearer experiences life with a more reward filled enjoyment. The wearer gets more of what he/she has already earned. This blessing is bestowed in this subtle realm and will be experienced whether the wearer is aware of it or not.

Those that are more sensitive may experience it immediately. But, even if you never experience it directly, the wearer’s life will be changed because of it. Seen or unseen, known or unknown, experienced or not, God’s unique gift of the Tantric Necklace will change your life – period.

Yogi Bhajan taught that this distinctive, 8 part pattern has been worn by yogic masters for thousands of years to enhance the power of their meditations. It was his prayer and direction that these necklaces be made available today as a tool for collective higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. 

He said “these Tantric Necklaces are blessed, and will bring happiness, love, and grace to all who wear them."

Wearing a Tantric Necklace promotes personal growth and gives your efforts an exponentially stronger impact. It acts like a lever, boosting your radiance, your intentions, and actions. 

Due to its unique design, a Tantric Necklace is a conduit for Tantric energy. This energy is a unique, unseen flow that travels diagonally, similarly to a "Z". In the very same way that cloth becomes many times stronger when pulled on a diagonal to its threads, so too does energy become much more powerful and effective when traveling diagonally. Being in contact with this flow promotes prosperity, longevity, physical and mental health, and elevation.

How did they come to be?

In the early eighties, the Sangat presented Yogi Bhajan with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli and Gold Tantric Necklace.  Each of the 192 major beads in this mala were purchased by a different person in the world wide community.  

Ten years later, MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa, asked the Siri Singh Sahib Ji if he could replicate his Tantric Necklace so that many people could experience its power and grace.  He not only said yes but he gave his blessings. 

Sat Bachan and her team began reproducing the Tantric Necklace with many different gemstones. They brought each one to the Siri Singh Sahib Ji to have it blessed.  After a few times he said, “Every Tantric Necklace that you make will be blessed personally by me.”

They have been creating inspired and magnificent pieces since then so that you too can experience the benefits. 

Find yours now. 



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