Snow Moon

Snow Moon

This will be the closest moon of the year, rising big and bright in the sky on February 19th. We will all be feeling the energetic pulls of the Moon vibrating deep into our beings opening us up to our full potential. This Super Full Moon known as the “Snow Moon” is potent falling at zero degrees of Virgo. Zero is the number of potential and limitless opportunities, the blank canvas of all creation.  

The Moon in Virgo is a great at manifestation and creating the means for you to be able to say goodbye to people or situations that have been holding you back. Virgo is generally associated with perfection and aiming to build a better life for oneself. Do something with your hands, create, clean, and purge your home of things you no longer need. De-cluttering your home and mind is the theme of this Full Moon. Moving these things out of your way creates space literally and otherwise for great things to come in the following months.

February’s Full Moon is going to help us realize our potential and also the potential around us, opening us up to dream big, broaden our horizons and encourage us to open our hearts and minds to something beyond our current reality.

Since the January eclipses many of us have been feeling a bit shaken up. The path is changing or perhaps your perspective is simply changing, you may be seeing things in a different light changing your attitude or life direction. Looking at the world through our higher consciousness gives us a new perspective and allows us to see beyond our own ego.

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1.  Unpack Your Mind

One of the best ways to clear a path for great things to come if to journal. It’s a simple activity that packs a lot of power! All you need it a sheet of paper and a pen write out everything you are feeling uncensored. At the end of your free writing you can close with an intention such as, “I now release all that no longer serves me for my best and highest good.” Once you feel you have released all that you need onto the paper, safely perhaps in a pot burn the paper. Once the paper is burned return the ashes to the earth and feel the lightness of release.

2.  De-Clutter your Space

Spring cleaning comes early this year! Take time to get organized, toss things that are just clutter, wash your windows, dust your shelves, do the laundry, and create a zen environment for yourself. Once you feel your space is cleaned to your liking take time to clear your space energetically. Open your windows and perform a smudging ritual, use white sage or opt for a smokeless sage that allows you to spritz linens! To perform the ritual simply burn the dried sage bundle or spritz walking about your new zen environment. Let the fresh air and moonlight filter in through your windows.

3.  Charge Your Spiritual Tools

The light of the Full Moon amplifies everything with magic, so it’s a perfect time to infuse this energy into our spiritual tools, such as crystals, essential oils, malas etc. I recommend cleansing them with sage as you did your environment so they are primed and ready to take in that moonlight energy! Set your objects near one of the windows, somewhere they can get the maximum amount of moonlight throughout the night. The next morning place each object back in your space, thank each one, along with the Moon for their potent new energy.

4. Moon Bathing Ritual

After all your hard work de-cluttering treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Full Moons are wonderful for bathing, the energy of the Moon pulls the tides of the ocean as well as your bath tub! Pour in our Moon Priestess Soak or some Epsom Salts, a few drops of your favorite oil, and a quartz crystal for some extra good energy. Relax and let the Moon do its magic, allow the bath to sooth your body and relax your mind.

5.  Moonlight Meditation

Put on something soft and set yourself up on a yoga mat with some pillows near a window that where you can see the Moonlight. Put on some calming music, I like to play crystal singing bowls which you can find with a quick Google search! Stretch out on your yoga mat, maybe with some crystals (Moonstone and Quartz are great for a Full Moon Meditation) and allow yourself to relax. Soak up the moonlight and energy of the crystals, pay attention to your intuitive senses and what magical messages they may receive!

By Natalie Berko, creator of our body care line

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