Support Your Practice, Uplift Every Moment!

Support Your Practice, Uplift Every Moment!

My mind is a busy place, which is cool. It reflects my enthusiasm for learning from everything I do and experience. But sometimes it can get noisy, which is why I started to take meditation up back at the beginning of my journey. I have found a myriad of interesting and supportive people and business along the way, and Nina from Sage Moon is one of them.

She poses a question that many of us may have asked ourselves before: how do you stay in that calm and empowered state of being once you go back to daily routines and responsibilities? She answers: “Surround yourself with reminders of that experience, with items that help you strengthen your practice and stay inspired, day after day”. While I have mentioned before that even the most mundane of tasks can be turned into meditative practices, incorporating extraordinary reminders makes this process much easier.

The first little nudge that I want to talk about is the Evolution Bracelet by Anna Kimm. Made of African turquoise and fossil coral with copper heishi beads, this mala bracelet is designed to encourage growth, balance and positive change. Wearing it makes me happy as it is a reminder to keep growing even through struggles, and for me it has a very “every cloud has a silver lining” feeling to it. It is visually stunning, I can’t stop looking at the patterns on each bead!

Now, switching to a more aromatherapeutic approach, we find the Healing Body & Aura Mist and the Meditation Sensory Therapy Roller by Violet & Poppy. The spray, infused with the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa, is a reminder to call upon the energies of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the Cosmos to empower you. It contains citrine, moonstone, tiger’s eye and labradorite pieces, and it features a bergamot, grapefruit and cedarwood e.o. blend. Now this is probably one of the best scents combinations ever! It smells delightfully and it sets me in a very bright, cheerful and grounded mood. The roller was quite a discovery. It has the brightness of lemongrass and the rooting, spicy magic of sandalwood. It includes an aqua aura quartz point to soothe the energy field, and I like using this after meditation.

At Sage Moon you can find a meaningfully curated collection of beautiful reminders to accompany and support you beyond your meditative spaces and comfort zones. Nina brings together a selection of very different items that look cool and feel even better (I can’t get the green warrior bracelet out of my mind!) so don’t miss the opportunity to check these magical tokens out.

By Ana from Glamour Zombie

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