Body Care

Handmade with love and devotion. Indulge yourself to our blissful selection of body care gems.

Body oils, Perfumes, Aura Mists, Bath Soaks, Sensory Therapy rollers & crystal soaps. 

Infused with crystals and essential oils for a powerful effect on your auric field!

Body Care
46 results
Meditation Sensory Therapy Roller
Gold Dust Body & Bath Oil
Adi Shakti Goddess Body & Bath Oil
Aphrodite’s Enchantment Body & Bath Oil
Moon Goddess Perfume
The Alchemist Perfume
Moonstone Perfume
Moonlight Body & Bath Oil
Rose Quartz Body & Bath Oil
Crystal Visions Bath Soak
Moon Priestess Bath Soak
Meditation Body & Aura Mist
Positive Energies Body & Aura Mist
Healing Body & Aura Mist
Sat Narayan Body & Aura Mist
Be Calm Sensory Therapy
Energy Sensory Therapy
Gratitude Sensory Therapy
Clairvoyant Sensory Therapy
Northern Lights Sensory Therapy
Headache Magic
Amrit Essential Oil Blends- Sage Moon
SHAKTI- Kapha Balancing Blend Essential Oil Blends- Sage Moon
SHAVA- Pitta Balancing Blend Essential Oil Blends- Sage Moon
Tridoshic Duo Amrit + Yogini Bliss Essential Oil Blends- Sage Moon
Sanctuary Body & Aura Mist
Set of 3 Sensory Therapy Rollers
Set of 3 Crystal Soaps
Rose Quartz Crystal Soap
Bloodstone Crystal Soap
Moonstone Crystal Soap
Aura Mist Sampler Kit
Body Oil Gift Set/Sampler Kit
Retreat Body & Aura Mist
Mojave Ghost Crystal Roller Perfume
Intuitive Crystal Roller Perfume
46 results
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