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Jewelry Designer

Anna Kimm

The Polished Gem was born from my conscious intention to live creatively and to share my highest self with the world. As a fine artist, yoga teacher, and fellow traveler on this Earth- I vow to run an environmentally responsible small business.

Imagine the weight of a cool stone Mala around your neck, or sensing each stone between your fingers during Japa, knowing you've helped support the artist who made it.

Imagine the shakti (power) of a Mala created with a responsibility to Mother Earth. In my craft, I use ethically-sourced high-end gemstones and sustainable packaging.

I treat the creation of each mala as an offering; it's part of my daily practice. May my Malas carry the power (shakti) and energy of the yoga tradition, and may they be an effective tool for awakening your highest potential.


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