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Clothing Designer

Born and raised in Los Angeles from parents of Moroccan descent, Alexandra Benaim has grown up influenced by Moroccan culture. She was immersed in the rich Moroccan artistry – the unique food, music, and architecture. This inspired the creation of More Rockin, her ready-to-wear, casual chic clothing line.

The line styles perfectly for bohemian, travel, resort, and spiritual wear. Alexandra and her team provide a range of clothing that offers a level of comfort derived from the blend of Moroccan fabrics. Key features of the line are the dynamic flow, vibrant colors and comfortable fit. Styles are designed for everyday movement in unrestricted, boundless form.

An avid practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, Alexandra creates pieces that resonate with a life focused on health, happiness, and wellbeing.

We recently interviewed Alexandra about her beautiful line, connection to Kundalini Yoga, and favorite yogic accessories!

What inspired you to create your own clothing line?

I grew up on Morocco artistry and am really into the unique feel of the fabric! This fabric is incredible and I wanted more people to experience the comfortable yet chic fit.

Is your spiritual practice at all integrated into your creative process?

Yes, we incorporate mantra into the finished product.

What do you love most about Kundalini Yoga?

The fact that we are in a very safe environment to release emotion, thought patterns and anything else that does not serve our highest self. This practice makes me feel incredibly protected and guided, and has made life oh so vibrant!

What is your go-to clothing item?

Capris! My favorite pair are the vertical striped capris, we call it the Radiant Striped Capri.

What is the benefit of wearing white?

I feel lighter and more expansive. I feel like I can get better in tune with my practice and flow of the energy.

What are your hopes for your customers? What do you hope they receive from your offering?

I hope they love our pieces and live in the clothing!

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