I AM Protected 6mm Tantric Necklace

More than just a necklace, this intricate and elegant design is actually a geometric pathway that leads the wearer to intuition, clarity and power.

Tourmaline and Pearl are for Protection, Mental Clarity and Stability.

Tourmaline promotes mental sharpness and clarity, and prolongs focus. It provides neutrality in judgment, so the right decision is made. It protects the wearer from accidents, provides warnings before events happen, and creates a positive balance in the wearer’s environments. It is very effecting in calming the nerves.

Pearls are good for intuition and aim. They take us beyond the mundane into the depth of life beyond what is immediately apparent. They bring vitality, intelligence, and prosperity.

This combination of gemstones is excellent for developing the mind’s abilities, and giving clarity and intuition. It promotes memory.

Actual color of stones may vary slightly from pictures. This unique piece of jewelry should be worn with care.

Click here to learn more about the origin of the Tantric Necklace

Actual color of stones may vary slightly from pictures. This unique piece of jewelry should be worn with care. Please see care tips below for more information.

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Each Meditation Necklace is hand crafted in a unique pattern with powerful gemstones to bring uplifted and enhanced energy to the wearer.  When not wearing your Meditation Necklace, we recommend keeping it in a sacred space, such as your altar or other beautiful and meaningful place, where it can continue to radiate blessings and protection for your home.

The 416 gemstones of each Tantric Necklace Mala are arranged in a specific geometric pattern. The shapes found in the necklace relate to the ruling planets of astrology, the five elements of Chinese philosophy, the 8 limbs of ash-tang yoga and the 16 qualities of Vedic Avatars. The design can be traced back to ancient teachings from all over the world and was used by spiritual masters to enhance meditation and to unlock the secrets to abundant blessings.

Due to its unique design, a Tantric Necklace is a conduit for Tantric energy. This energy is a unique, unseen flow that travels diagonally, similarly to a "Z". In the very same way that cloth becomes many times stronger when pulled on a diagonal to its threads, so too does energy become much more powerful and effective when traveling diagonally. Being in contact with this flow promotes prosperity, longevity, physical and mental health, and elevation.

Besides promoting personal growth, wearing a Tantric Necklace Mala gives our efforts an exponentially stronger impact. It acts similarly to a lever, thus boosting our being, our intentions, and our actions. Furthermore, it brings clarity and intuition to use this leverage in the wisest way.

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