Spiritual Warrior Shirt

Let your inner warrior out. 

We designed this shirt for all the spiritual warriors out there. The times we live in demand that we stand up as Spiritual Warriors. Fearless, courageous, lit from within by the radiance of our soul. 

The life of a spiritual warrior is a life of courage, compassion, strength and discipline. These qualities enable us to conquer our inner doubts and insecurities with steady determination and grace. In addition, as spiritual warriors we are called to stand up for the dignity and human rights of our neighbors, our communities, our nation and our planet. 

"There is nobody who can damage you, there is nobody who can undermine you, there is nobody who can limit you. Your power is in your own self. How you project yourself is your strength."
Yogi Bhajan

True to size. Silver Metallic print.
Organic Cotton.

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