Soma, Nectar of the Moon

Nourish From Within

Soma is known as amrita, or the nectar of immortality. It is associated with the cooling waters of the Moon. In fact, the Moon is sometimes referred to as the cup that the gods drink from to achieve immortality. Soma is pure love and bliss. We can cultivate Soma by bathing in the light of the Full Moon, while in meditation. Our tissues and immune system are strengthened by Soma, our mind is cleared and we are strong, healthy and vital.

This blend facilitates the proper unfolding of Kundalini and opening of the chakras. 

Jasmine Sambac- ‘Queen of the Night’, diminishes feelings of fear and sadness. Promotes confidence and optimism, peace and love.

Patchouli- Creates a sensual atmosphere, calming and clearing

Mandarin- Reduces the effects of daily stress and promotes well being and contentment Restful deep sleep

Clary Sage- The woman’s oil par excellence~ sweetly herbaceous, calming to body and mind, cooling, balances female functions

Ingredients: Jasmine, Mandarin, Patchouli and Clary Sage Essential Oils in a carrier of Jojoba Oil

5ml size

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