Sandalwood 8mm Tantric Necklace

A powerful yogic tool, this intricate and elegant design is a geometric pathway that leads the wearer to intuition, clarity and power. It enhances prayer and bestows protection and blessings.

Sandalwood is wood from the genus Santalum. The wood is heavy, yellow and fine grained. What distinguishes it from other woods is its ability to retain its fragrance for decades. It is said to calm the mind during mediation and prayer and also to help maintain alertness. The smell is said to be so enlightening and invigorating that it has been used by yogis and seers for millennia. Everything from perfume to incense to beads have been utilized to propagate the essence of this tree into the environment of the meditator.

Pearls are for intuition and focus. They take us beyond the mundane and what is immediately apparent into the depth of life. They connect us to the subtlety of life and are said to bring vitality, intelligence and prosperity.  

Made with 10mm sandalwood and 8mm pearls, this necklace is about 50 inches long.

A tantric necklace enhances prayer and bestows protection. Used throughout time by spiritual masters to add power and projection to meditation; it is now available to the modern day Yogi. We source our tantric necklaces from the Home of The Original & Authentic Tantric Necklace.

Actual color of stones may vary slightly from pictures. This unique piece of jewelry should be worn with care. Please see care tips below for more information.

If you are not seeing exactly what you want, don't fret.  Contact us and we'll design exactly what you are looking for!

Each Meditation Necklace is hand crafted in a unique pattern with powerful gemstones to bring uplifted and enhanced energy to the wearer.  When not wearing your Meditation Necklace, we recommend keeping it in a sacred space, such as your altar or other beautiful and meaningful place, where it can continue to radiate blessings and protection for your home.


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