Pitta Pacifying Blend (Soothing)

Be a Focused, Dynamic, Compassionate Leader.

Fire and Water Elements

Cooling, Calming and Purifying

The main qualities of Pitta Dosha are oily, sharp, hot, light and liquid. 

In balance you are slender, highly motivated, outgoing and sharply intelligent, with a warm rosy complexion and soft skin. In excess, you are domineering, angry, sharp tongued, prone to rashes and ulcers, and a fiery temper. In your quest for control in career or personal relationships, you often burn out. You are ambitious, worldly and sharply intelligent...like Bill Gates.  

Spicy foods aggravate Pitta Dosha.

Rose Geranium has a harmonizing effect on the central nervous system, uplifting spirits and alleviating stress. It also balances the autonomic nervous system, helping with hot flashes, nervousness and anxiety. It is also a great skin oil. 

Lavender is the world’s best selling oil. It is well known as cooling, relaxing and uplifting. It can reduce feelings of anger and agitation, when used regularly.
It brings radiance to the skin, joy to the mind and balance to the body. It relaxes the nerves and calms the mind. It enhances prana, which builds immunity.

Sandalwood- A sacred oil used for centuries in meditation and ritual. It is one of the oldest incense materials in the world. It promotes peaceful sleep, reduces anxiety, tension and nervousness, frees the mind of fear and depression and pacifies anger.

Jasmine- Sensual euphoria in a bottle! It will assist in slowing down the troubled and anxious mind, and promote joyful and peaceful relaxation. It decreases excess heat in the body and mind. The watery coolness of jasmine aids in extinguishing pitta’s fire.

The oils used in our blends are wildcrafted and organic botanical products, from small artisan producers, they do not contain fillers or adulterants. Support ecologically responsible farmers and sustainable agroforestry projects around the world. 

10 ml size. 

Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Test on small area of skin for sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool and dark place.

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