Journey to Lemuria Deck

Journey to Lemuria, Codes Activation Cards are the Language of Light, the knowledge of ancient wisdom represented in simple patterns of energetic frequencies. This 18-card deck is adorned with the transformative channeled energy of Ascended Master Melchizedek by Visionary Artist, Lisa Nomikos.

Use these codes with reverence. 
They connect you back to Source Light. 
You don’t need to understand them. 
You can feel them, feel the energy emanating off of them. 
The words are for the cognitive brain. 
The numeric patterns for the child part of you. 
Together they merge and transform the user.
Open to the understanding that you don’t need to understand,
but you need to Believe.

How to use these cards:

  • Shuffle deck. Pick a card for daily guidance and your daily activation.

  • Focus on the code and repeat the number code 3 times. Then place hand over the card and connect to the energy of the activated code.

  • Read the message on the card, then shut your eyes while holding the card in your hands; breathe & feel.

Size: 4X6

Description: 18 Lemurian Code Cards

A 2021 Creation of Team Lisa 
(Lisa Gniady, writer & Lisa Nomikos, visionary artist)

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