Halo Straw™ Breathing Pendant

Paying attention to your breathing focuses your attention, relaxes your mind and body, and supports your ability to gain perspective over your thoughts and emotions.

— Richard C. Miller, PhD

The Halo Straw™ is a mindfulness tool for functional breathing and better health. Exhaling through the Halo Straw™ gently engages the diaphragm and other primary core muscles involved in breathing, elongating the exhale and directing the breath downward, grounding the body, calming the mind and triggering the body’s built-in relaxation response in the Nervous System.

Breathing out through the Halo Straw™ requires a little more effort on the exhale which creates a gentle force that naturally engages the primary core muscles involved in breathing, directing the breath downward and elongating the exhale, which in turn triggers the body’s built-in relaxation response in the nervous system.

Even first-time users sense and feel the immediate calming effects of slower, deeper breathing, and enjoy a slower heart rate, clearer thinking, a more grounded body, and even better digestion.

Designed to wear around the neck for access anytime, the Halo Straw™ is both a visible and tactile reminder to promote better breathing and lasting habits through neuromuscular re-education — when the brain and body actively work together to learn a new skill. Users stay more attentive with their breath practice and with less effort!

This is especially helpful for sensory integration issues or simply those whose busy minds tend to wander during yogic Pranayama and meditation.

Lastly, one of the most differentiating components of the Halo Straw™ is the antimicrobial copper metal material that can be found on the disk placed on top of the stainless steel straw and also lined inside.

Copper is a natural metal with multifold health benefits known to destroy and inhibit the growth of microbes, fungi and bacteria (including E. coli). In studies, copper has been found to effectively kill the Covid-19 virus in just 4 hours. 

Among its many benefits, the Halo Straw™ stimulates and restores functional breathing by lengthening the exhale and strengthening the diaphragm.

Functional breathing is well-researched and known to: 

  • Soothe anxiety & relieve stress

  • Induce a more peaceful state of mind and body

  • Maintain pH balance

  • Improve metabolism

  • Boost immunity

  • Enhance athletic performance & cellular function

  • Balance Oxygen (O2) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) exchange

  • Stimulate blood flow & lower blood pressure

  • Enhance focus & prolong concentration

  • Increase lung capacity

  • Improve sleep, digestion and vital organ function

  • Alleviate general & localized tension, constriction caused by weak or dysfunctional breathing patterns

The Halo Straw™ is a wearable mindfulness tool for breath training and sensory integration.

They are handmade in Minnesota from stainless steel and fully lined with 100% copper.

The Halo Straw™ is detachable, and designed to attach easily to the chain of your choice — even keychains! Mix it up and make it your own.

Your Halo Straw™ includes:

  • (1) 26” stainless steel ball chain necklace

  • (1) Instruction card

  • (1) Reusable polishing cloth & reusable drawstring canvas bag (made in USA)

We use 100% recycled padded mailers (100% recycled context, 25% post-consumer waste) that are fully recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and made in the USA.

Halo Straw™ Care

Each Halo Straw™ comes with a small microfiber cloth that can be used to polish the entire piece. To clean the copper inlay and moon shaped disk on the front, gently wipe the copper with a soft cloth or pipe cleaner dipped in a solution of 3 parts lemon juice + 1 part salt. Make sure the solution is wiped fully clean from the copper or it will continue to work its magic and could have a tarnishing effect.

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