Believe In Affirmation Cards

Believe-In Affirmation Cards,  13-cards.

Believe. Do you believe that you can make changes in your life? Do you believe that words can change your future? Do you understand the power of positive affirmations and the spoken word? These cards contain a list of positive affirmations that can be repeated daily to enhance your life, offer strength, wisdom and guidance to help you move forward in a happier and more balanced way. Choose the cards that resonate with what you need to work on to assist you along your path. The key is believing. Belief is the conduit of change. 


Believe-In Affirmation Cards:
1-Believe-In Healing
2- Believe-In the Ability to Overcome Stress
3-Believe-In Kindness
4-Believe-In Letting Go of Fear
5-Believe-In the Power of Meditation
6-Believe-In Me
7-Believe-In the Power of Intention
8-Believe-In the Ability to Lose Weight
9-Believe-In the Ability to Believe
10-Believe-In Love
11-Believe-In the Power of Manifestation
12-Believe-In the Ability to Trust
13-Believe-In the Gift of Being an Empath

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Words Channeled by Lisa Gniady, Drum Illustration and Card Design by Lisa Nomikos

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