Amazon Gold: Peruvian Resin Incense

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This is a rare, special and very valuable resin from the rainforest of Peru, commonly called Incienso (incense). It originates from completely different trees than Copal or Myrrh. Contains a mix of nuggets and powder.

Use with Swift-Lite self igniting charcoals.

Resin incense has always had a slightly more mystical vibe to it than your more well known incense. Resins come straight from particular trees so there is no manufacturing or making. Stick incense can sometimes be made with unfavorable materials, but when it comes to resin incense it’s just one ingredient….tree resin. With other incense it’s common to just light a stick and let it burn from a holder. But with resins there are multiple steps involved and, for me, that makes burning resin a bit more ritual like.

1 Ounce Tube

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