Agni, Essence of the Sun

The Sacred Fire of Life

Agni is the fire element, our digestive fire, as well as solar energy. We need this fire to properly digest our food, and to digest ideas and emotions. It is the sacred fire of life: passionate creativity and drive, leading to illumination, revelation and higher perceptions.
Agni is sometimes called the gatekeeper of life, because compromised agni is the root cause of imbalances that lead to disease. Its qualities are hot, sharp, light, penetrating, subtle, luminous and clear.

Neroli-Enhances sensual and euphoric moods, promotes emotional comfort. calms the heart and spirit, mood lifting

Black Pepper-Deeply energizing and stimulating to the senses Mental clarity and focus

Ginger-Warming and restorative, for creative drive and energy

Rose Geranium-Promotes vitality, calming and grounding, promotes ease and grace, reduces worry and stress, strengthens the body and lifts the spirit

Made with Neroli, Black Pepper, Ginger and Rose Geranium Essential Oils in a carrier of Jojoba Oil.

5ml size

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