Abundance Essential Oil Blend (HAR)

Made by a Kundalini Yogi and aromatherapist. 

Designed to enhance and inspire your practice! 

A highly concentrated essential oil blend composed of Bergamot, Frankincense, Ylang, Ylang Patchouli in a base of Marula Oil.

These oils are known to:
Help manifest harmony and prosperity
Release fears
Lead to greater appreciation of life
Promote clear insight and emotional optimism

Bergamot Essential Oil is sometimes called the Sunshine Oil. It is a citrus oil that soothes the nerves and acts as an anti-depressant. As a psychological oil, Bergamot steadies and balances the emotions and moods.

Frankincense Essential Oil is one of the sacred oils. It opens the door to insight and harmony (opens the Crown Chakra and strengthens the Root Chakra), and has been used for centuries as part of meditative and spiritual practices. It helps to ground and anchor the breath, while promoting our alignment to the Soul’s purpose. Frankincense is a deeply healing essential oil for the body, skin and soul.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has an intensely sweet, intoxicating aroma. Ylang Ylang is a floral oil. A little goes a long way! It calms the heart and helps us to release our fears and anxieties.

Patchouli Oil has a musky aroma. Patchouli Oil can expand the Crown Chakra and clarify all of the subtle energy centers; helping to manifest life’s purpose. We feel a sense of support, clarity of insights and express our ‘true Self.’ Patchouli essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes dry skin.

The oils used in our blends are wildcrafted and organic botanical products, from small artisan producers, they do not contain fillers or adulterants. Support ecologically responsible farmers and sustainable agroforestry projects around the world. 

Marula oil is prepared from the cold pressed nuts of the African marula tree. Rich in antioxidants and oleic acids, it is excellent for therapeutic and cosmetic use.

10 ml size. 

Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Test on small area of skin for sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool and dark place.

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