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Welcome to our 1-1 work. We are so glad you are here.

Our healing work is able to address a diverse set of issues which you may be working with, or repeating themes in your life that keep showing up and do not serve you, because many of these issues and patterns have energetic components which need healing in order to overcome.

Together, we will work with the energetic matrix that informs the body, carries your genetic inheritance and determines your destiny. Learn to prime the brain to experience higher states of consciousness. Free yourself from ancestral patterns of self-sabotage and limitation. Step into your calling and destiny.

Nina has found that what heals our hearts and soul are authentic connection and the ability to shed light on our shadow, both our own shadow personality aspects and the pain and secrets of the family lineage. She will guide you with compassion to manifest your highest calling and experience the magical alchemy of being human.

In her session with you, Nina draws upon the powerful tools of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Family Constellation Work and NeuroEmotional Coaching.

Don't know what any of these are? Don't worry. Visit our sister site Sacred Alchemy to find out more or book a free 15 minute intro call, simply email

Remote sessions available.
Energy knows no boundaries of time and space and remote work is as effective.

                    "We are our dreams, not our genes.” Alberto Villoldo


I love working with Nina! From our first session, her gentle, down-to-earth and wise approach and her beautiful presence brought me deep comfort as she guided me into intense, fast-paced work to transform my energy and release old patterns. Nina is one of the best teachers I’ve known, and I wish everyone on the planet could have the chance to work with her.

— Elizabeth B.

"Thank you for (another) transformative session. It was really eye opening. I knew that I have been dealing with these issues but now knowing their source is already allowing more freedom. I actually feel really happy (maybe a little giddy, even) knowing that I don't have to carry this unnecessary weight. During other times of release and transformation in my life, I have often felt beaten down and exhausted after. This transition of awareness and release feels very clean. I use the word "clean" because I am not angry or resentful. I only feel peace, love and gratitude for the awareness and future."

— Kate S.

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