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Nina, our founder, offer 1-1 healing sessions to help you release inherited family trauma and reclaim your place with wholeness and confidence.

Together we will allow what was hidden to be revealed and what was forgotten to be remembered. Your ancestry is patiently waiting for you to take your place, to step into your destiny and accept the gift of this life fully.
Step beyond time and space, into the realm of love and belonging, transforming burdens into gifts and wounds into blessings.

Visit our sister site Sacred Alchemy to schedule a free intro call and find out more 

Nina can be reached at nina@sagemoon.com

We truly believe that when you feel uplifted and strong, you will radiate that light outwards and uplift all those around you.
We are a small company, but we want to make a BIG difference.

In these times of increased isolation from each other, we decided to boost connection and offer FREE video or phone consults to help you make the best decisions.

Email nina@sagemoon.com to schedule your free wardrobe consult or to find the perfect gift for a loved one. It is helpful if you can let us know the following:

  • What kind of products/clothing are you looking for? 
  • Any special activities or occasions you need clothing for? 
  • What type of climate are you in? Is there a seasonal aspect that you are trying to accommodate with your purchasing? 
  • All of fabrics are all natural! Do you a specific fabric preference? i.e. bamboo, cotton, linen, etc. 

We love learning about you and your uniqueness! Feel free to add anything that will help in us finding your perfect purchase 


"We are our dreams, not our genes.” Alberto Villoldo


I love working with Nina! From our first session, her gentle, down-to-earth and wise approach and her beautiful presence brought me deep comfort as she guided me into intense, fast-paced work to transform my energy and release old patterns. Nina is one of the best teachers I’ve known, and I wish everyone on the planet could have the chance to work with her.

— Elizabeth B.

"Thank you for (another) transformative session. It was really eye opening. I knew that I have been dealing with these issues but now knowing their source is already allowing more freedom. I actually feel really happy (maybe a little giddy, even) knowing that I don't have to carry this unnecessary weight. During other times of release and transformation in my life, I have often felt beaten down and exhausted after. This transition of awareness and release feels very clean. I use the word "clean" because I am not angry or resentful. I only feel peace, love and gratitude for the awareness and future."

— Kate S.

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