Spiritual Practice Gear

Because nothing is more important than a daily dose of self-compassion, gratitude and meditation!

Explore our selection of meditation tools to uplift and inspire you daily. 

Merino Wool Yoga & Meditation mats, meditation cards, aura mists, essential oils and more!

Spiritual Practice Gear
95 results
Devon Fair Trade Fleece-Lined Throw - Sage Moon
Sound Waves Fleece-Lined Throw - Sage Moon
Alpaca Socks - Sage Moon
Alpaca Socks
Devon Turkish Cotton Towel - Sage Moon
Handwoven Q'ero Chumpi Belt - Sage Moon
Palo Santo Incense Sticks - Ecuador - Sage Moon
White Sage & Rose Petal Smudge Stick - Sage Moon
Amazon Gold: Peruvian Resin Incense - Sage Moon
Sold Out
White Sage Smudge Stick - Sage Moon
Andean Healing Energy Cards - Sage Moon
Sold Out
One Love - Sage Moon
One Love
From $30.00
Yellow Magic Party - Sage Moon
Yellow Magic Party
From $30.00
Being - Sage Moon
From $30.00
Inner Child/Mother Daughter Healing - Sage Moon
Black Lives Matter - Sage Moon
Black Lives Matter
From $30.00
My Signatures - Sage Moon
My Signatures
From $30.00
Tree of Dreams - Sage Moon
Tree of Dreams
From $30.00
Community - Sage Moon
From $30.00
The Love Portal - Sage Moon
The Love Portal
From $30.00
Palo Santo Cones & Pieces - 20 Cones - Sage Moon
Sold Out
Halo Straw™ Breathing Pendant - Sage Moon
Watana Ties with Beaded Trim - Sage Moon
Sold Out
Four Directions Rattle - Sage Moon
Sold Out
Hummingbird & Flower Rattle - Sage Moon
New Beginnings Mala - Sage Moon
Liberation Bracelet - Sage Moon
Self Mastery Mala - Sage Moon
Far Away Place Necklace - Sage Moon
Journey to Lemuria Deck - Sage Moon
Keeping the Lines Open - Sage Moon
New Moon - Sage Moon
New Moon
From $30.00
Full Moon in the City - Sage Moon
Full Moon in the City
From $30.00
Roots - Sage Moon
From $30.00
The Dream - Sage Moon
The Dream
From $30.00
The Woods are Alive - Sage Moon
The Woods are Alive
From $30.00
Radiant Sadhana Set : La Playa Dress with Belt & Headwrap - Sage Moon
95 results
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