Spiritual Practice Gear

Because nothing is more important than a daily dose of self-compassion, gratitude and meditation!

Explore our selection of meditation tools to uplift and inspire you daily. 

Merino Wool Yoga & Meditation mats, meditation cards, aura mists, essential oils and more!

Spiritual Practice Gear
60 results
Embrace Your Grace Essential Oil Blend - Sage Moon
Soma, Nectar of the Moon - Sage Moon
Agni, Essence of the Sun - Sage Moon
No Mud, No Lotus - Sage Moon
Glowing Pebble - Sage Moon
Retreat Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Sanctuary Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Travel Size Set of Kundalini Blends - Sage Moon
Set of 3 Sensory Therapy Rollers - Sage Moon
Shamanic Four Directions Blends-Set of 4 - Sage Moon
Ayurvedic Yoga and Meditation Mat - Sage Moon
Clarity of Life Oracle Cards - Sage Moon
Believe In Affirmation Cards - Sage Moon
Fair Trade Fleece Lined Throw & Sadhana Blanket - Sage Moon
Magdalena Playsuit in Flax - Sage Moon
Ash Venus and Rose Rosary - Sage Moon
Confidence Mala - Sage Moon
Confidence Mala
Fair Trade Fleece-Lined Throw - Sage Moon
Sound Waves Fleece-Line Throw - Sage Moon
Rainbow Aura Crystal Cupcake - Sage Moon
Blue Sage Smokeless Smudge - Sage Moon
White Sage Smokeless Smudge - Sage Moon
Alpaca Socks - Sage Moon
Alpaca Socks
Devon Turkish Cotton Towel - Sage Moon
60 results
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