Sensory Therapy

Therapy for your senses. Uplifts and inspires, every time!

Our Sensory Therapy line was inspired by the magic of scent and crystal energy. When aromatherapy and crystal healing are combined you get something that not only triggers your olfactory system but all of your senses. Your eyes delight in the sight of crystals moving about the liquid and your ears are intrigued by the sound of the crystals clinking together. Your aura is uplifted from the vibrational energy coming from the product. 

Sensory Therapy
15 results
Meditation Sensory Therapy Roller - Sage Moon
Clairvoyant Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Northern Lights Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Be Calm Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Headache Magic - Sage Moon
Energy Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Gratitude Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Bliss Sensory Therapy - Sage Moon
Set of 3 Sensory Therapy Rollers - Sage Moon
Manifestation Gift Set - Sage Moon
Spring Crystal Perfume Sampler - Sage Moon
Cacao + Roses Mini Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Blue Butterfly Mini Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Moon Priestess Mini Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Crystal Visions Mini Bath Soak - Sage Moon
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