Our pants are elegant and comfortable!

Made from natural fibers, they are good for the psyche, energy levels and for the nervous system. 


56 results
Chainlink Harem Pant - Sage Moon
White Kundalini Playsuit - Sage Moon
Dandelion Harem Pants (Unisex) - Sage Moon
Organic Unisex Harem Pant - Sage Moon
Striped Harem Jumpsuit - Sage Moon
Tara Two Pieces in Cotton - Sage Moon
Grace Linen Pant - Sage Moon
Magdalena Playsuit in Flax - Sage Moon
River Pant (in flax or white) - Sage Moon
Sunshine Harem Pants (Unisex!) - Sage Moon
Organic Jean Harem Pants-Unisex - Sage Moon
Camila Playsuit - Sage Moon
Camila Playsuit
Terra Capri - Sage Moon
Terra Capri
Rey Playsuit in Royal Lavender (100% linen) - Sage Moon
Mona Set (Top and Pants) 100% linen - Sage Moon
Magdalena White Linen Playsuit - Sage Moon
Nidra Sleeper Set (100% linen) - Sage Moon
River Set (top and pants) in white or flax - Sage Moon
Tara Two Piece Linen - Sage Moon
Miracle Playsuit 2.0 - Sage Moon
56 results
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