Love is Love

This February we have curated a special collection just for you to lusciously indulge in celebrating you or your loved ones. Whether it's a special gift for a family member, a partner or yourself, we have just what you need to feel the sweetness of season.
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Gift Card - Sage Moon
Gift Card
From $25.00
Aphrodite’s Enchantment Body & Bath Oil - Sage Moon
Cleopatra Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Crystal Visions Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Moon Priestess Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Sacred Sleep Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Organic Gauze Cotton Wrap - Sage Moon
Self-Love Adjustable Mala - Sage Moon
Cross-Over Fringe Top - Sage Moon
One Dance Pant - Sage Moon
Pavan Wrap Scarf - Sage Moon
Flow of Love Bracelet - Sage Moon
Heart Comforting Bracelet - Sage Moon
Gold Vermeil Lotus Flower Earrings - Sage Moon
Vermeil Sri Yantra Stud Earrings - Sage Moon
Positive Energies Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Healing Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Northern Lights Body + Aura Mist - Sage Moon
Love Consciousness Mala - Sage Moon
Goddess Mala - Sage Moon
Goddess Mala
Adi Shakti Moonstone Mala - Sage Moon
Self Love Mala - Sage Moon
Self Love Mala
Rose Quartz Adi Shakti Mala - Sage Moon
Ultimate Protection Black Tourmaline Mala - Sage Moon
Moon Goddess Mala - Sage Moon
Nidra Sleeper Set (100% linen) - Sage Moon
Radiate Love Gift Set - Sage Moon
Coral Sat Nam Necklace - Sage Moon
Crescent Canyon Crystal Perfume - Sage Moon
Rose + Cacao Bath Soak - Sage Moon
Fair Trade Fleece Lined Throw & Sadhana Blanket - Sage Moon
Devon Fair Trade Fleece-Lined Throw - Sage Moon
Sound Waves Fleece-Lined Throw - Sage Moon
Devon Turkish Cotton Towel - Sage Moon
Atlas Turkish Cotton scarf/towel - Sage Moon
Bliss Body & Aura Mist - Sage Moon
48 results
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