Full Moon Collection

This Collection is you, Goddess, under a starry sky, basking in the Pure Light of the Full Moon. Dancing, reflecting, creating. Inhibitions released, it is your time to shine! These pieces of beauty inspire the pure joy of self expression. All are made with your Full Moon dances and dreams in mind.
Full Moon Collection
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Athena Skirt (available in 8 colors!) - Sage Moon
Lotus Wrap - Sage Moon
Lotus Wrap
The Smooth Sailing Raku Heart Rattle - Sage Moon
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The Raku Dragonfly Heart Rattle - Sage Moon
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Light of the Sea Earrings - Sage Moon
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Moon Goddess Mala - Sage Moon
Far Away Place Necklace - Sage Moon
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Isis Oracle - Sage Moon
Isis Oracle
Full Moon Blend - Sage Moon
Saturn Teacher Button Down Top - Sage Moon
Swinging on a Star Earrings - Sage Moon
Mercury Retrograde Earrings - Sage Moon
The Raku Frog Heart Rattle - Sage Moon
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The Raku Hummingbird Whisperer Heart Rattle - Sage Moon
The Raku Starry Night Square Rattle - Sage Moon
The Raku Bumblebee Square Rattle - Sage Moon
Nidra Button Down Duster - Sage Moon
Four Pointed Long Sleeve - Sage Moon
Freya Overalls - Sage Moon
Freya Overalls
Priestess Duster - Sage Moon
Priestess Duster
$150.00 $208.00
Carnivàle Beaded Earrings - Sage Moon
Lakshmi Top - Sage Moon
Lakshmi Top
Grace Linen Pant - Sage Moon
Jupiter Gown - Sage Moon
Jupiter Gown
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