Spring Forward

Spring Forward

As we transition into spring with earth’s other living creatures, many of us are integrating the deep, powerful internal changes we’ve experienced over the past month.  Sometimes what feels like disintegration is actually completion.

Zen master Masahide: “The barn’s burned down, now I can see the moon.”

Spring is the time to remember that we are each natural creators: of art, of joy, of wisdom, of healing, of inspiring relationships, of radiant energy, and of our own unique destinies.  

At Sage Moon this month, we’ll be clearing our internal and external spaces to make room for surprises.  

We’ll be finding harmony—not by struggling to make changes, but by noticing the subtle threads of peace, contentment and sweetness that are here for us in the present moment.


Meditation for Increased Energy.  The transition from cold, heavy, dark winter weather to the high energy of spring can be a challenge.  If you’re feeling tired or low, try this 3-5 minute kundalini meditation to revitalize and rejuvenate yourself fast.

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin a 4 part breath.

Inhale in 4 equal sniffs through the nose and exhaling in 4 equals sniffs through the nose. Continue for at least 3 minutes for an instant refresh!

Love Your Liver.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is the time to work with the liver and gallbladder, organs associated with anger and resentment when imbalanced.  Doing what it takes to keep your liver happy clears away hostility and rejuvenates you.  Foods with sour tastes, young green vegetables, and milk thistle tea or tincture are all cleansing and balancing for the liver and gallbladder.  So is turning off the computer (the liver is connected to eye health), stretching and exercising, and getting outside into fresh air.

Spring Cleaning.  April is a great time to make space for everything new that you want in your life.  Burning sage, frankincense, palo santo or juniper rids any physical space of stagnant energy, transforms negativity into a sense of possibility and boundlessness, and brings the feeling of a fresh beginning.  

Practice Mettā.  Mettā (or lovingkindness) meditation is a powerful practice for bringing peace and gentleness to times of intense change.  Simply sit quietly and internally chant “May you be happy, may you be free from suffering”—first imagining someone you love deeply and easily, directing the silent chant to them, next chanting to yourself, then to someone you don’t know well, then to someone dark and difficult for you: a person who has hurt you, or done terrible things, or who stirs up feelings of anger, jealousy or grief in you.  Finally, extend the wish to all beings. Sit silently for a few moments after you’re done.

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