April 2018 Numerology - One Step at a Time

April 2018 Numerology - One Step at a Time

This month, pay extra attention to your words if you want stability in relationships.

The number four is associated with words, process and structure. 

Carefully say what you mean to say. Try to be exact and neutral. People around you might express a tendency to nitpick and be perfectionists.

If giving feedback, speak more like a counselor or an adviser would, keeping the other person’s success and wellbeing in mind instead of proving them wrong or forcing a lesson upon them.

Keep your promises to yourself and others. If you decided to change a habit or committed to making progress somewhere, focus on taking it one step (hour, day, week) at a time and be disciplined.

Avoid judging the imperfections in yourself and in others.

You might experience someone else having a hard time keeping their promise and failing to follow through on their part of a commitment. That might feel like a betrayal but take a step back and view the experience through the neutral/meditative mind and a ‘one day at a time’ mindset.

Next thing you know, the little disciplined moments will add up, and you will look back and feel grateful for the progress that you have made without losing your balance. 



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