Bringing the Inside Out

Bringing the Inside Out

Your clothing is a projection of what you think about yourself. This is what a teacher told my kundalini class one morning, and I gazed down at my pilled black leggings and pit-stained white shirt and started to wonder if perhaps, caring about clothing is not materialistic, but rather an indication of self-sovereignty.


I got home that day, and nearly in a panic of repulsion, got rid of everything in my closet until I was left with just 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, and a dress. All of my old athletic gear and reminders of my old negative patterns went out of my closet, making room for fresh air. I made a vow moving forward to only bring clothes back into my closet that were a reflection of my new patterns of self-love.


I was starting completely from scratch. I didn’t know what clothes looked good on my frame, and I didn’t even know where to shop for affordable, high-quality items. I looked at other women and admired their style choices, but thought that there was no way I could pull off what they were wearing. I discovered though, that this is just a limiting belief, and it’s more about seeing my own radiance and wearing clothing that is just an extension of this.


I finally stuck my toe in the pond of conscious clothing fashion, and first identified colors that made me feel at home – whites, creams, grays, sage and forest greens – and because this shift is coming from a place of self-love and exploration, I wanted to treat myself well, and I know that comfort is also a huge component of my wardrobe. I do not feel loved or loving in tight denim jeans or shirts that feel stuck to my body. Loose but flattering, soft, breathable, movable, warm but not too warm, cool but not cold – I wanted to feel grounded, free, and at home wherever I went.


I started with searching for kundalini clothing, as that seemed to meet most of my vague requirements, and came across some beautiful items. At first I felt awkward wearing these beautiful clothes – like a child playing dress up. But I also felt, as I stood looking at my reflection in the mirror, that the clothes were giving me the opportunity to rise up to their vibration, and to project this out into the world. There was no hiding anymore, and I noticed an unmistakable radiance in the bright projections from the light-colored clothing and the high-quality, organic materials.


Both the way that the clothes themselves were made, and how I felt wearing them was intentional. I felt that I was able to carry intention into my day because I was being held in the high vibration of the clothing, and feeling innately prosperous and loving as a result. I was noticing how what I previously had been judging myself over for “not being pretty enough”, was just a limiting belief. Now, nothing changed about my looks except what I was believing about them, and I was practicing carrying myself as if I were beautiful. Then, I started to notice that I am beautiful.


The use of conscious jewelry is also an extremely powerful projection. Even something as small and seemingly insignificant as a bracelet with rose quartz and other gems reminded me every time that I reached for something, washed my hands, or extended my hand to a friend, of my powerfully graceful intentions of presence. The tantric necklace, too, is not to be underestimated. It is capable of really absorbing the intention from your conscious clothing, and amplifying this into your auric field. Others will be magnetically drawn to you with this strength, without being able to describe why in words.


I am expanding in the amount that I appreciate my body as a sacred temple. I am just borrowing it for a little while, and it truly deserves to be celebrated and respected. It deserves to be dressed in sacred fabrics, even decorated with sacred jewelry, so that I am not only reminded of my responsibility to care for it, but so that I am reminded of its miraculous existence. It feels so incredibly nourishing to actually care for this body-temple.


Every time that I feel the soft and sacred fabrics rest on my skin, I feel so loved. I feel so much intention in my presence in the world now that I look back at my reflection and see this radiance. And just like anything else, it is a practice in using clothing as a tool to project these deep and cohesive beliefs about the self, but it is one worth learning. You and your body-temple are worth the investment in learning how to economically and emotionally use conscious clothing to reflect your own innate sacredness back to you.

By Sage Moon contributing author Marta Leigh


Nina Mongendre

Love this perspective!! Such a beautiful article. Much gratitude, Sat Nam✨

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