Ayurveda and Essential Oils Part 2: Doshas

Ayurveda and Essential Oils Part 2: Doshas

Many people have heard of Ayurveda and the doshas/constitutional types.

While there are 3 basic types; Vata, Pitta and Kapha, nobody is 100% one dosha but everyone has one that is predominant.  

We can help bring the body into balance and create radiant health by pacifying the dosha(s) that are dominating. We do this through diet, lifestyle, and sometimes the addition of herbs and oils. I will give a brief overview of each dosha and the essential oil blend I have created to help keep you in radiant balance.

The doshas are based upon the Elements.

Vata-Air and Ether (Space)

Pitta-Fire and Water

Kapha- Earth and Water

To pacify Vata, we want to get grounded, warmed and nourish our emotions and drier skin, so we can be our most vibrant and creative.

The Vata Blend includes citrus, wood and floral oils to nourish the inner and outer body, promoting focus, creativity, moisture, serenity and centering the mind.

The Vata Blend has helped my clients slow down and get restful sleep.
Since it is warming, it can help circulation and warm your cold feet and
hands. Rub a few drops into the soles of your feet at bedtime, put on cotton
socks and drift away. You can also rub a couple of drops onto the back of
your neck anytime you need a serene focus. It can also ease migraine

Pitta dominant people can be highly intelligent leaders. If Pitta is too strong, it can manifest in anger, inflammation and domineering behavior.

They need to be cooled and calmed so they don’t feel the need to control everything. It is beneficial for pittas to avoid spicy foods.

The Pitta blend has helped my clients with tension headaches and cooling
the heat of hormonal imbalances. Simply place a few drops in the palm of
one hand, rub both palms together and surround your nose, breathing in
the aroma of the blend. Pitta headaches are often a result of a hectic
lifestlye. This blend will help you pause and relax. Literally, stop and smell
the flowers!

The Pitta Blend contains florals and Sandalwood essential oils, to calm and cool the body, nerves and mind and promote enhanced relaxation and prana.

Kapha people are compassionate, sweet natured, laid back, and reliable. When out of balance they can tend to be sedentary, overweight and have a tendency to be congested with mucus.

The Kapha Blend contains warming spices, citrus and patchouli essential oils, to stimulate the body, mind and  spirit. Uplifting and invigorating, cleansing and purifying.

When my Kapha is manifesting as inertia, indecisiveness, or the ‘blahs',
a direct palm inhalation of the Kapha blend helps to get me motivated and

I also created a Tri-Doshic Blend to enhance your well being and harmony. 

The blend contains essential oils that balance each of the doshas. Florals and spice. Balance in all things. Healthy, happy and holy.

When you want to enhance centered equanimity, with energy and joy, daily
use of this blend throughout the day is an affordable luxury!

The blends are also available a set of 4 travel sized bottles.

-By Donna Shepper from LIGHT EOB. 

Essential oils are powerful, yet subtle. They should never be used in place
of seeking medical attention for serious medical conditions, and should not
be ingested unless you are with working directly with a very experienced
practitioner. All of my blends are in a dilution that makes them
biocompatible with the skin. None are to be ingested.

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