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Clothing Designer

Sarah is a yogi, a naturalist, a believer in the power of the Earth and the happiness that Earth materials bring.

She started designing clothing for all the yogis who were looking for loose-fitting, breathable clothing to practice yoga in. Since then, her love for natural fibers and adorning goddesses in beautiful fabrics has only grown.

These clothes have a magic to them, they are all made in Thailand by small women-owned businesses, each woman gets paid fair wages. 
The national motto of Thailand is "to make fun", they infuse humor and joy into their craft and this comes through the clothes. 

Once the clothes arrive in Sarah's beautiful space in California, each piece is misted with pure water. 

These clothes are infused with the spirit of nature. They capture the energy of Spring, of flowers and blossoming. Try them for yourself!

You will feel their energy. 

Her collection of lightweight, elegant and playful clothing honors the simple beauty of nature. It is made of soft, strong gauze cotton, styled playfully flowy. Earth material and flexibility come together with Fairy elements to remind us that we are the Spirit of nature.

These are happy clothes. Come play with us in the garden!

What do you love most about Kundalini Yoga?

Oh my, how can I choose one thing! I love everything about Kundalini Yoga that I experience — chanting, dancing, empowering language, courage, play, my increased awareness, feeling the power of my heart, and the richness, beauty, honesty, and depth of the community members. Also, the best dance parties ever are with Kundalini yogis.

What is your go-to clothing item?

My Ecstatic Skirt in Natural Cream. It’s a flowy, tiered calf-length skirt with a slip built in. The undyed fabric is like butter. I love how the skirt flows in airy waves when I spin. 

What is the benefit of wearing white?

All colors are transforming. I find that white and cream has me feeling open to others — seen, radiant, confident, elegant, regal. Very light hues help me receive more information about my environment— literally more vibrations are reaching my body for processing. When I am radiant, I also receive more of myself reflected back to me. People transform when they change into whites. They feel lighter and brighter — and they are!

What are your hopes for your customers? What do you hope they receive from your offering?

I make prayers for the people who will wear these clothes as I send them off. My prayer is that they will feel beautiful and enjoy prosperity in their lives. I am honored to offer something that people will have transformational experiences in. It’s a very subtle support, but it’s there.

Explore her free-spirited clothing here.


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