Gabriel & Fiona<br><span style="font-size:17px;">Jewelry Designer</span>

Gabriel & Fiona
Jewelry Designer

It all started years ago with a desire to bring energetic healing to ourselves, friends and environment. Gabriel and Fiona bring over a decade of combined experience crafting orgone tools.

Mastering this artform has been guided by creativity, intuition and our spirit entourage. We have created thousands of beautiful and useful energetic devices that have spread to the far reaches of this planet.

We use only the purest raw metals, minerals, natural elements and plant-based resin. Our process is sacred and filled with positive intent. Our aim is to create work that will become an energetic ally for people of all walks of life. May you be strengthened, protected, activated and guided toward becoming the fullest expression of yourself.
Thank you for sharing with us in this experience and for believing in our work.
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