Donna<br><span style="font-size:17px;">Body Care Designer</span>

Body Care Designer

Since childhood, I have loved mixing and creating things.

I was a painter, wth an MA in Fine Arts and Art History.  Later, I discovered Aromatic Botanical Medicine, also known as aromatherapy. I have studied with and have certifications from Michael Scholes (Laboratory of Flowers) and David Crow (Floracopeia). I am also trained in Natural Perfumery. 

In addition to my aromatherapy certifications, I am a certified Kundalini, Radiant Child and Chair Yoga teacher. I practice Insight Meditation. My in-depth studies include Ayurveda, Buddhism, Reiki, Chinese and Western Herbology.

I formulate and make custom and private label essential oil blends.
LIGHT EOB (Essential Oil Blends) is my company for my line of blends.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are not regulated. Over 75% of essential oils being sold are adulterated. It’s crucial to know the source of the oils used, and that company’s commitment to quality, support and use of ecologically responsible producers and promotion of traditional plant-based knowledge, while presenting clear and accurate information about medicinal plants.

I blend these oils using my knowledge, experience, love and intuition, with mantras playing and focused dedication to safety, well-being and joy.

Explore Donna's entrancing blends here.  

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