White Woven Tee

Spiritual crisp gets its sexy back in our basic white tee.

Fly enough to create interest, classic enough to be trustworthy. Our cotton here is substantially thick as not to be transparent, yet light and breathable. Mops up sweat and flies. This tee is 100% natural cotton, vibrating at the Earth’s frequency of love.

Our Men’s Collection is designed to provide total comfort, simplicity, and sophistication worldwide. Ideal for international adventures as you will always be perfectly styled.


Chest 42" inches around
Sleeves 16" inches long from base of neck
Length 30" inches overall
Waist & Hips 42" inches around

Chest 44" inches around
Sleeves 16.5" inches long from base of neck
Length 31" inches overall
Waist & Hips 44" inches around

Chest 46" inches around
Sleeves 17" inches long from the base of the neck
Length 32" inches overall
Waist & Hips 46" inches around
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