Goddess Sophia, the primal earth goddess, is the wisdom from which duality and the earth was born. She is the Ocean, the Winter, the original craft-maker of life.

The Sophia brings grounded flow in elegance. Vibrant natural flowing fabric keeps you warm in cooler temps.

Cozy and soft, we love to wear this on summer nights, and pair it with leggings and boots in cooler seasons. Perfect for traveling or cozying up with a loved one. Packs well, loves wrinkles. If you like our lighter tiered skirts, you will love this warmer one that fits and flows akin.

This skirt will fit sizes Small to Large, approximately Sizes 0-12 (not XL). It measures 36" inches long. The model is 5'5". Cozy and soft, this skirt answers the call for flowiness in cooler temps.

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