A Damselfly original, the Tadasana Pant is made from a super soft hemp/organic cotton blend with a wide adjustable waistband.

So versatile and attractive on ALL bodies! This is a two size fits all design.

Four adjustable ties which allow you to create a look and length to your wish. All four ties may be worn in front for added style as well as for extra support for a snug fit at the waist. For a capri fit, bring the 2 inside ties down through the bottom and out to meet the outside tie. You can then adjust the length by simply gathering the fabric and synching it along the tie to your desired length. Then tie a light knot and allow the ties to decoratively lay along your side.

Amazing for situations that you may want to feel present in, including yoga/dance, massage and meditation. The flow and texture of this pant is truly special ~ light, luxurious and earthy soft.

Beginning with 0-6 as a small and 8-14 as a medium/large.

Golden (not pictured yet)
Lavender(not pictured yet)
Olive Green

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