Stylish Face Masks (20 colors)


Made with love and purpose, these reusable face masks are made out of 100% sustainable fabrics with a stylish design.

This is a non-medical, reusable mask with soft cloth ear ties.
Wear alone or on top of your filtered mask.

Masks also include an inner filter pouch.
Filter not included. 

Note: please include your top 3 color choices in case your top choice is out of stock.

The CDC recommends masks with two layers of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric. Because of this, cotton is in very high demand and many are having a hard time finding it at fabric stores.

Luckily, 100% double cotton fabric is exactly what our Double Cotton Gauze Turbans are made from. The colors noted "Luxe" are made from Organic Bamboo/Soy. ULTRA soft!

These masks are being created with a re-purposed fabric previously used for our turbans. 

Note: please include your top 3 color choices in case your top choice is out of stock. 

These are the same as any non-surgical reusable cotton mask you’d buy online or at the store. Besides the fabric, the plus side to our masks is there’s a pocket for a filter for extra protection.

The filter is not included, but if you'd like to insert one you can buy it online.

Alternatively, the CDC recommends cutting and using coffee filters. It sounds silly, but it is in fact effective.  

Because there’s a shortage of surgical N95 masks right now it’s crucial that we save the N95s for people who are sick with the virus, or work in high-risk areas of hospitals around infected people. The rest of us just need to keep our nose and mouth covered as much as possible with a non-surgical cotton mask.

“Covering your mouth and nose is one more thing people can do in addition to social distancing and hand-washing to slow the spread of coronavirus…” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Medical-grade masks are scarce and should be reserved for front-line health-care workers who are repeatedly exposed to huge amounts of the virus.”


Super Soft

One Size Fits Most

Machine Washable

Breathable and Comfortable

Covers your entire nose & mouth

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