Hued Ceramic Strands

These Hued Ceramic Strands are versatilestylish and for those who love ceramics and beauty - a great new piece of art to acquire! Add color inside or outside your home with these unique ceramic pieces. 

Their look is unique and nostalgic. It's gratifying looking at their artistic style as they hang their own natural way. They are carefully strung together with twine and can endure bright sunny weather, rain and snow. 

They are ornamental and as you would adorn the inside of a home with a fun ceramic piece, these Hued Ceramic Strands should be placed in view to decorate the yard, deck, balcony, window or add fun to an accent wall.

Each strand is one of a kind, just like a painting. 

Video of the ceramic strands here

Available Colors:

Black Tip - 30" Long 3.5" Wide

Cloudy Blue - 32" Long 3.5" Wide

Half Black - 31" Long 3.5" Wide

Half Grey - 31" Long 3.5" Wide

Pink & White - 30" Long 3.5" Wide

Tan & White - 31" Long 3.5" Wide

Turquoise - 31" Long 3.5" Wide

White - 27" Long 3.5" Wide

White & Orange - 27" Long 3.5" Wide

Yellow - 31" Long 3.5" Wide

approx. weight 2lbs

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